No.21: XXI/Secrets

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Debuts in the Inscription of Labyrinth patch. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Dark (80%) 50%


No.21's Secret 1

Treats the Co-Bot as a companion and likes to give it surprisingly cute or ridiculous nicknames.

No.21's Secret 2

She's curious and likes to get to the bottom of any matter she doesn't understand. She always asks embarrassing and difficult questions.

No.21's Secret 3

She can't help imitating the people she trusts and learning their way of life. Sometimes, she even learns some peculiar behaviors.

No.21's Secret 4

She doesn't know how to smile, which can only be described as unsettling. After a couple of ill-timed smiles that had adverse effects, she decided that smiling was beyond comprehension, and she seldom smiled from then on out.

No.21's Secret 5

She's an airhead when it comes to engineering and is incapable of understanding mechanical structures. Machines she tinkers with tend to have a lot of extra parts, but surprisingly most of them work.

No.21's Secret 6

In standby mode, she'll ask others to give her some small missions to kill time. Generally, she's only assigned to menial tasks, not realize she's been fooled.

No.21's Secret 7

She always labels people she cares about with colors and sometimes directly calls others "red man," "blue guy," etc. No one understands her criteria, but she appears to be the only one without a color.

No.21's Secret 8

After unwittingly coming into contact with the audio-visual terminal, she indulges in watching random video clips in her spare time. She has a proclivity for nature documentaries.

No.21's Secret 9

Because of her experience in the lab, she retains the habit of recording data on the condition of her frame all the time, even though it is no longer necessary. At the suggestion of the Gray Raven Commandant, she has started to record things other than battles, such as colors seen, favorite smells... until Vera found a foul-smelling scrapbook in Cerberus's break room.

No.21's Secret 10

The activation date of her frame is unknown due to a loss of data while being recycled by Kurono. The current date was assigned to her by some human.

No.21's Secret 11

The Gray Raven Commandant is the only person authorized to give Buddy nicknames.

No.21's Secret 12

Her distorted perception of life as an "experiment" is gradually changing with the efforts of the people around her. Recently, it seems that she can take this problem more or less seriously.

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Character List
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