Vera: Garnet/Secrets

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Debuts in The Last Spark patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (15%) Lightning (85%) 50%


Garnet's Secret 1

Vera has tied her hair up after changing into the new frame. Some say she does not want the long hair to obstruct her vision while attacking.

Garnet's Secret 2

Many prefer spears because they can attack from a relatively safe distance, but Vera seems to enjoy charging with hers actively to maximize the destructive power.

Garnet's Secret 3

Knowing that Murray was only the nominal commandant of Cerberus, Vera still tried to investigate his background to find if he had any possible secrets. She found nothing unfortunately.

Garnet's Secret 4

No. 21 seems to think of Vera's banner spear as some sort of "magic prop" that can create a banner out of nowhere. She often asks Vera to show it to her.

Garnet's Secret 5

Vera often utilizes various shady means to get some supplies and parts that are not available through normal sources for No. 21 and Noctis. Shee seems to think that they do not know about it, but both of them just continue to tacitly play dumb.

Garnet's Secret 6

The strength control of this frame is more difficult to master than others. Even Vera was crushing her mugs when she first changed into it. Strangely, everyone just thought she was doing it on purpose to intimidate them.

Garnet's Secret 7

According to No. 21's observation, at least 36% of Construct soldiers believed Vera "no longer looks as intimidating as before" after changing into her new frame.

Garnet's Secret 8

Vera like to keep the most troublesome tasks to the end. Similarly, she keeps the most difficult enemies to enjoy last.

Garnet's Secret 9

Vera used to greet those who dared to seek trouble with violence. After warned by Nikola multiple times, she now prefers to destroy their ego with words first, and takes joy from their humiliated, furious faces.

Garnet's Secret 10

Vera mentions that she has yet to master the banner spear completely, and therefore has included more flexible kicks to complement her moves. In fact, they have raised both the practicality and aesthetics of this weapon to another level.

Garnet's Secret 11

Vera sometimes goes to watch the stage plays performed by WGAA, but only quietly stays in an alienated corner until the end. She would disappear before the audience finishes their cheering and applause.

Garnet's Secret 12

Vera never asked, but No.21 and Noctis often brought back news about the Gray Raven Commandant, possibly because their captain "seemed to be interested."

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