Wanshi: Hypnos/Secrets

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Debuts in the Echo Aria patch. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Supporter · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


Hypnos's Secret 1

Really hopes he can sleep 25 hours a day.

Hypnos's Secret 2

Doesn't realize it, but often gets serious during the 1-on-1 training with Chrome. He can't tell how much of it is to tease the poker-faced Captain though.

Hypnos's Secret 3

Somehow, his artificial hair is always curly. No matter how much he tries to comb it, it will go back to the messy curls within a day.

Hypnos's Secret 4

Carries all sorts of random, non-battle-related widgets with him, including but not limited to candles, coins, eye mask, etc.

Hypnos's Secret 5

Wanshi seldom gets into trouble with others, for he can direct the conflict away before it ends up in violence - except when facing Shorthalt from the Scarab Squad.

Hypnos's Secret 6

Wrote "Do not disturb" on the eye mask himself.

Hypnos's Secret 7

Hates to leave the Strike Hawk lounge in winter. Once went to a mission with his own maintenance capsule.

Hypnos's Secret 8

Asked Chrome multiple times for permission to enter hibernation, but was always rejected.

Hypnos's Secret 9

Very good at keeping secrets because failing to do so may make the situation more troublesome.

Hypnos's Secret 10

which makes Wanshi a very trustworthy friend. People love sharing their stories with him.

Hypnos's Secret 11

Keeps a surstromming can from the Golden Age in his private storage. It has never been opened.

Hypnos's Secret 12

Constructs have great hearing, and it keeps Wanshi from staying asleep. But nothing can wake him up if the commandant is around.

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