Wanshi: Hypnos/Voice

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Debuts in the Echo Aria patch. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Supporter · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


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Corey Wilder 孙鹏
Sun Peng
Me1 Luk6 Gwan1
Akira Ishida
Construct joins
Strike Hawk, Wanshi Report. Any more troublesome mission...? Mission makes me sleepy... ZZZZZ...
Level up
I feel refreshed... more or less.
If that's your approval, I'll accept it.
I should become serious a little bit.
Improve skill
Load, Set-up, Aim, Fire... Ok, finish, take a rest.
Equip weapon
Accuracy, range, ammo capacity... That's a reliable gun.
Add to team
Hmph... Time to work.
Set as leader
As the leader, do I have the privilege of having longer rest time? All right, seems not.
Mission complete
So... Could I go for a rest?
General greeting 1
General greeting 2
Is there another problem? Okay... Captain Chrome should be at the Base now, waiting for his next mission in 5 minutes.
General greeting 3
Reclaiming Earth and defeating the Punishing Virus. What an ambitious goal...
General greeting 4
Ask, and Wanshi will give... Who taught you that? Kamui?
General greeting 5
The location of the base rest room is... Ok, I've got that.
General greeting 6
The "Wish machine" is only for kids. Are you a kid?
General greeting 7
The way I brace myself up? I hope you're not in a situation where you need me to look like that.
General greeting 8
You want to know... do Constructs dream of the commandant? Hmm, of course.
General greeting 9
Here we are again, Commandant. Well, when is it you say? It was when I went to bed last night... Captain, stop knocking! It was a dream, a dream!
General greeting 10
In theory... Constructs have no lifetime, and the emotional data stored in the M.I.N.D. only grows naturally. It's like an infinite, infinitely extended dream... Pretty impressive, isn't it?
General greeting 11
The sober world doesn't seem so bad with you around.
General greeting 12
Great repair skills. No, I'm not talking about Liv. I'm talking about you, Commandant.
General greeting 13
...When do you think the usually lazy and listless me will get serious? Right now, with you, I'm serious.
General greeting 14
You're the eternal dream I never want to wake up from. No, it's not an excerpt from the Captain's library, nor am I sleep-talking... I'm being very serious.
General greeting 15
Here you are... How weird that I don't wanna close my eyes.
Affection up 1
If there is nothing else, may I go to the rest room?
Affection up 2
Sounds like a bit of a hassle...
Affection up 3
I was told I'd sleep anytime, anywhere. That's not quite true...
Affection up 4
Do you want me to pass it to the Captain or Kamui? For me...?
Affection up 5
I couldn't help but become serious when competing with Captain, so I consumed more energy than usual...
Affection up 6
In that case, thank you.
Affection up 7
I gave you a break? No, I didn't. Physical activities are energy-intensive, you see. It'll be a hassle if someone gets hurt.
Affection up 8
Cuddle to sleep every day... ? ... How much did Kamui say to you...
Affection up 9
Forget the ambitious goals - it's difficult enough to protect those around you. So, Commandant, you are quite something.
Affection up 10
You gave it to me, so it belongs to me. Don't give the same gift to someone else.
Affection up 11
You look like a good cuddler to sleep with... What's up, Captain? I can't say something like that? I didn't mean anything... Huh? What did you think I meant?
Affection up 12
What I want... are a pillow, an eye mask, an advanced maintenance capsule, and you.
Affection up 13
Wish machine, shelter, maintenance capsule... I'm just listing the extra modules I want installed for someone.
Affection up 14
You're giving me something other than yourself again.
Affection up 15
Now, I have a reason to wake up from my long, lonely slumber.
Affection up 16
Here's my gift for you in return. He's this tall, this big, and right in front of you, see?
Idle 1
Idle 2
I have no energy... Huh? Neither do you, Commandant?
Idle 3
Commandant requires rest some time.
Idle 4
Are you fine? There is still space in Strike Hawk's maintenance capsule. I won the right to use it for one year.
Idle 5
A new discovery. It's an effective way to rest and charge by watching you in silence.
Extended connection 1
It seems the Gray Raven Commandant is the same type as Captain Chrome.
Extended connection 2
Strange. Shouldn't sleeping be the most blissful thing in the world?
Extended connection 3
It's mandatory sleeping time, good night.
Extended connection 4
Can you dream about me...? Since you promised me, isn't it time you gave me what I wanted?
Extended connection 5
Good night.
Connection made 1
If you see Captain Chrome, please don't tell him I have been here, all right? Thank you so much.
Connection made 2
You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life... It's nothing, just a line from one of Captain Chrome's books.
Connection made 3
Good morning, good afternoon, good night... One of them has got to be right.
Connection made 4
I woke up and I saw you, so it must be a good day today.
Connection made 5
Suddenly, I realized that maybe being full of energy wasn't such a bad thing after all, so I could accomplish more interesting things with you.
Connection made 6
Dreamy. That's right. You are indeed dreamy.
Connection made 7
Have a nice dream.
Connection made 8
I dream of you when I'm sleeping; I see you when I'm awake.
Extended offline time 1
It's weird how much it bothers me that I could only dream about you.
Shake 1
Commandant, have you heard of something as "waking up on the wrong side of the bed"?
Shake 2
No Medical Disturbance!
Shake 3
Okay, okay, don't move.
Quick tap 1
Are you trying to perform maintenance on me?
Quick tap 2
Ugh... Don't fool around.
Quick tap 3
Activity at max
I'm energetic now after a rest. And I wanna do some exercise now.
Battle starts
Yawn... Let's get this over with.
Battle 1
Time for you to go to bed.
Battle 2
You are lucky to be able to sleep forever.
Battle 3
It's sniping time.
One shot, one kill - close your eyes for your eternal slumber.
I didn't plan to lie down first this time.
Early to bed, early to... I don't think I can rise early.
Knocked out
Maybe not, whatever, have a good sleep first.
Assist, Support, Snipe the Target
You interrupted my sleep. Guess I'll have to get rid of you then.
Battle over
Sigh, that felt so exhausting.
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