Rail Heterozygote


Rail Heterozygote


The Rail Heterozygote is a boss enemy that appears throughout Chapter 10.

It does not presently appear in any regular modes outside of its Chapter 10 encounters.

Gameplay Information

Combat with this enemy is generally split into four phases. Not all encounters with it will include all phases.

Phase 1

The Rail Heterozygote will attempt to slam one of its three upper limbs down onto the active player character. In doing so, the limbs will become temporarily lodged into the stage flooring. During this time, the limbs become vulnerable and can be damaged. It will also fire an explosive projectile at the player character while its limb is lodged. This will display a projectile path prior to firing. Note that this attack is unaffected by the slowdown of Matrix.

When a limb is destroyed, the Rail Heterozygote will place a damaging field on the stage floor where the limb was lodged. Standing in this area will deal steady damage-over-time to the player character.

Destroying all three limbs will end this phase.

Phase 2

The Rail Heterozygote will roar, pushing all player characters back.

Various Hetero-type enemies (Hetero Fire Unit, Hetero Deconstruct Unit, Hetero Repair Unit) will be summoned. Defeating these enemies will end this phase.

While there is at least one enemy remaining on the field, the Rail Heterozygote will periodically fire volleys of explosive shots at the player. Range markers will be displayed on the stage floor prior to them landing. Note that these volleys are not affected by the slowdown of Matrix.

Phase 3

The Rail Heterozygote will begin periodically firing large, high-damaging explosive beams at the player character.

Two reflective pillars will rise from the stage floor. Standing behind these pillars when the Rail Heterozygote fires its beam will negate its damage. Additionally, the pillars can be rotated ー an arrow marker on the ground will indicate the pillars' reflective direction. Pointing this arrow at the Rail Heterozygote and then subsequently using that pillar as cover from its beam attack will reflect the beam back at the enemy. Performing the reflection once will end this phase.

  • The leftmost pillar is the only one of the two that can successfully be aimed at the Rail Heterozygote. The rightmost pillar's reflection path does not align with the boss enemy in any of its positions and thus, for the purposes of ending this phase, can be ignored.
  • If the player does not successfully reflect fire from the Rail Heterozygote within a preset time frame (usually 60 seconds), the encounter will revert to Phase 2.

Phase 4

The Rail Heterozygote will collapse, unable to move. It will periodically launch explosive rounds at the player from its back; these attacks will display range markers prior to landing.

The Rail Heterozygote's mandibles will become vulnerable to damage. Destroying both of them will then expose its core; destroying the core will defeat the boss and end the encounter.