Multi-terrain military robot, its variable spherical frame concealing powerful energy reserves. Now infected by the Punishing Virus, its heavy firepower has become the nightmare of humankind.

Riot (also known as Phalanx) is a boss enemy introduced in Chapter 5.

Gameplay Information


Note: The following skill list includes all skills denoted in Riot's Phantom Pain Cage* arsenal. However, this list does not necessarily encompass all of its attacks. See Combat Behavior for more information.

  • Scorched Earth: Bends the battlefield to its will, causing enemies on the battlefield to continuously take extra damage.
  • Energy Blast: Fires a powerful energy beam.
  • Gravity Bomb: Bomb follows the target slowly, exploding on contact.
  • Scatter Shot: Quickly fires a bullet in a fan-shape.
  • Scatter Laser: Fires multiple laser beams on the map.

*This enemy does not presently appear in Pain Cage. See Trivia for more information.

Combat Behavior

Riot will predominantly rely on its Scatter Shot skill at close range and its Energy Blast and Gravity Bomb skills at long range. It will also attempt to use an unlisted skill, Missile Rain, that launches multiple missiles upwards, then rains them down in the player character's general vicinity, whenever it is not on cooldown.

Riot will occasionally break away from combat and vanish from the battlefield. In doing so, its Scatter Laser skill will activate. For a substantial period of time, the player then will be faced with a variety of stage-wide laser patterns. Riot will return to the battlefield after an unknown number of laser cycles.

  • Each individual laser deals relatively low damage, however the high attack count can easily prove lethal.

At lower HP thresholds, Riot will begin summoning a small group of Ignite Beetles*.

  • *These summons will use the model of the Jitterbomb.

At roughly 20% HP, a short cutscene will play and Riot will switch to an incendiary mode. Its Scatter Shot skill will gain a flame effect and its damage will increase. It will also launch incendiary rounds across the battlefield, leaving burning areas that deal damage-over-time to player characters in their range.


Upon the implementation of the Fallen Star patch, this enemy was removed from all Phantom Pain Cage rotations due to its overwhelming difficulty.