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PPC Lineup (Now Live)

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Ultimate PPC Bosses (Now Live)

Every week on each server, the lineup of Phantom Pain Cage bosses is randomized. However, there are three potential pools this randomization can draw from: Group α (Alpha), Group β (Beta), and Group γ (Gamma). Bosses within the same Group cannot be fought within the same week. For example, Luna and Qu will never be fought in the same week.

  • Outlier bosses can be challenged at any time once you have entered the Ultimate Zone in Pain Cage.
  • Challenging Outlier bosses does not cost any AP.
  • This feature was implemented to remove older bosses from the rotation while still giving players a chance to complete the relevant Pain Cage Achievements.

Group α

Group β

Group γ


Memory Resonances (Now Live)

Memory Resonances

  • The top and bottom Resonance Slots of a 6★ memory each have different possible Resonances, excluding the ones that are common across both slots.
    • In other words, the top slot has 4 common and 4 exclusive resonances. The same goes for the bottom slot
  • Both slots of a 5★ Memory can get any 1 of the 4 possible Resonances at random.

6★ Memory Common Resonances

Ex - Tactical Adjustment
HP +75, ATK +15
Ex - Precision Action
HP +75, CRIT +15
Ex - Enhanced Power
ATK +15, DEF +23
Ex - Precision Attack
ATK +15, CRIT +15

6★ Memory Top Slot Resonances

Red Orb
Red Orb Level +1
Yellow Orb
Yellow Orb Level +1
Blue Orb
Blue Orb Level +1
Basic Attack
Basic Attack Level +1

6★ Memory Bottom Slot Resonances

Signature Move
Signature Move Level +1
QTE Level +1
Core Passive
Core Passive Level +1
Class Skill
Class Skill Level +1

5★ Memory Resonances

Tactical Adjustment - Basic
HP +50, ATK +10
Precision Action - Basic
HP +50, CRIT +10
Enhanced Power - Basic
ATK +10, DEF +15
Precision Attack - Basic
ATK +10, CRIT +10
Efficient Dorm Decoration (Now Live)


The Dormitory in PGR is mainly a place to get creative and create beautiful and thematic rooms for your constructs, but some players might not feel the need to spend time placing furniture. This guide focuses on the bare minimum required to reach the character stat goals for each dormitory. The benefit of this is that you are guaranteed to receive 8 dorm coins from construct events every day, which is the maximum coins you can get per day from interactions, as well as a lot of gifts. Plus, it is a great way to complete all the 'Story' missions that are present in the Dorm missions, which in turn give a fair amount of dorm coins.


  • This method involves a lot of decor re-fitting, which is RNG-based and therefore, requires a lot of decor coins. Make sure to attempt this only after you have collected at least 7,000 decor coins, or 10,000 to be safe.
  • 300-500 Cyber Blueprints of any small-sized decor or shelves or sofas.
    • Messy Storage Rack i.e. a blueprint for shelves is preferable because it takes up very little place, allowing you to fit more decor in a dormitory and raise stats with minimal expenditure.
  • A dorm with 3 residents that have the same primary stat (like) and sub-stat (prefer).
  • Lots of patience.


1. Depending on the blueprint that you have purchased, craft decor that can be modified using that blueprint.

  • In the case of the Messy Storage Rack blueprint, you need to craft shelves.
  • Craft decor in the ratio of 4:1, where 4 decor has 10 coins invested in the primary stat and 1 decor has 10 coins invested in the sub-stat.
  • In the case of Messy Storage Racks, you only need 38 of them i.e. 30 shelves with the primary stat and 8 shelves with the sub-stat.

Crafting decor

2. Switch to the modify tab and select all 38 of your recently constructed decor. Then, select the blueprint and click the refit button.

Modifying decor

3. The decor will have changed to the one in the blueprint and the rank of each decor will have changed to a random but higher ranked decor.

  • A higher rank signifies better stats and sometimes an additional effect.

Decor post-modification

4. Click bulk refit and select all the decor that is not at S-rank, then refit it.

Bulk refit decor

5. Repeat step 4 until 25% or more of your decor is at S-rank, 50% or more is at A-rank with a rating of 390 or above, with the remaining decor at B-rank.

6. Go to the dorm with the 3 residents having the same stats, and enter the decorate mode.

  • Move the bed, sofa and closet out of the way and start placing your freshly refit decor along one wall.
  • 38 messy storage racks fit perfectly in 2 rows which prevents the dorm from looking too cluttered.

Placing decor

7. If you have done everything correctly, the stats indicator at the top of the screen should show the primary stat at S and the sub-stat at A.

  • The rating requirement for is 6500 for S and 3500 for A.

Stat goal reached

8. To confirm, save your changes and click on any of the residents.

  • Click pat to zoom in and then check the details tab that is present on the right.
  • If their decor preference is at Lv.5 then the dorm is complete.

Resident decor preference 1

Resident decor preference 2

9. Do this for every dorm, ensuring that there are 6 dorms with 6500 or more Beauty, 6 with 6500 or more Comfort and 6 with 6500 or more Utility, in order to complete all the dorm story missions.

Dorms overview 1

Dorms overview 2

Dorms overview 3

Dorm story missions

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