The Ark Beyond

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Patch Summary



Gameplay Changes

  • Selena: Capriccio’s Red and Yellow Orb skills have been adjusted. You may now choose between input with the directional stick or automatic directional lock to activate her core passive when performing Red or Yellow 3-Ping.
  • The event farming stages can now be automatically completed without entering battle once you attain Authority Rank 25.

Phantom Pain Cage Changes

Added player titles to Phantom Pain Cage: Ultimate Zone's ranking rewards. Expires in 7 days.
  • Added the [Outlier Zone] to Phantom Pain Cage: Ultimate Zone. Here, you may challenge the Bosses who have been taken out of the Phantom Pain Cage rotation to complete score achievements.
  • Chapter 8 Boss and EX00 Boss have been added to the [Outlier Zone]. Replaced by Chapter 15 Boss and EX05 Boss.
  • Added the [Overclocking] mechanic to the Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage. When challenging the Chapter 15, EX05 or Hidden Chapter EX02 Bosses, your characters will gain +50% increase to all DMG one minute after the beginning of the battle. Afterwards, your characters will continue to gain additional +50% increase to all DMG every 30s. This buff caps at +300%.

War Zone Changes

You can now unlock both areas for War Zone in a single day.
  • New environment buffs implemented in War Zone, 1 will be active at any time and will rotate every War Zone cycle.
  • 4 different enemy spawn patterns have been implemented in War Zone:
    • 1. [The Clash of Beasts]: Every wave spawns a single elite enemy. Every fourth wave spawns a Boss enemy.
    • 2. [Strength in Numbers]: Every wave spawns 3 or 6 normal enemies.
    • 3. [Shared Burdens]: Every wave spawns 2 elite enemies.
    • 4. [Alliances]: Every wave spawns multiple normal and elite enemies.
  • A new rank has been added to War Zone: Legend.
  • In order to be promoted to the Legend rank, you must fulfill two conditions:
    • 1. Place 1st or 2nd in Hero War Zone.
    • 2. Have 100 Merit. 100 Merit will be deducted upon promotion to the Legend rank.
  • You can now check your personal score ranking in War Zone.


Bulk recycle function for Dorm furniture has been added. Now you can recycle all furniture of the same rank at once.