A New Divide

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Patch Summary



Gameplay Changes

The [Overclocking] mechanic now applies to all Bosses in the Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage.
  • Liv: Luminance’s Shards can now be exchanged with Item-TradeVoucher.png Trade Vouchers.
  • Liv: Luminance’s Shards have been added to the list of rewards for the 2nd/3rd tiers of the Battle Pass (5 Shards for the 2nd tier, 10 Shards for the 3rd tier).
  • Hanged Man III’s difficulty has been reduced. When invisible, they are now susceptible to damage (but still immune to stagger/stun).


You can now receive all eligible rewards for Daily/Weekly Missions at once.
  • The Guild lobby interface has been revamped. You can now roam around the 3-D environment with a chibi avatar of your choice and interact with your guildmates.
  • Added the [Cutscenes] section to the Codex. Here, you can re-watch promotional animated short films and main story cutscenes.
  • The story review interface in the Codex has been adjusted. Your progress will now be retained upon finishing an episode.
  • Memory resonances can now be replaced directly from the characters’ Memory equipment interface.
  • On the Storage page, the portrait of the character currently equipping the item is now displayed.
  • CUBs can now be added to team presets.