- Galatea
- ★★★★★★

- White Sculpture
- Bitter Frost deals 20% more Base DMG.
Bitterfrost Level's Energy acquisition speed increases by 100%.

Signature Weapon belonging to Haicma: Starveil.

Target Weapon Research Banner: There is an 80% chance to obtain the targeted 6★ weapon when a 6★ weapon is obtained. A 6★ weapon is guaranteed to be obtained on the 30th pull since the last 6★ weapon obtained if any. Two other "off-banner" weapons share its pool, and it is possible to pull one of those instead of the targeted weapon. Available permanently.


Weapon Data

Galatea is created based on a brand new concept in answer to the dissatisfaction with the existing weapons. It's a perfect vessel that reflects the creator's spirit and holds everything inside. It conveys the creator's feelings and composes an epilogue for the enemy.

Weapon Backstory

"Its perfection is a silent mockery after going beyond the creator, but Haicma, who achieved this, is imitating the concept of 'love.' Boring."
- Magician