Her Last Bow

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Patch Summary



Gameplay Changes

Lag Calculation is a new gameplay element that stops the stage timer from counting down during certain animations. Swap cooldowns are also paused during this period. Also called "Time Stop".
  • Lag Calculation is now triggered when Liv: Empyrea performs her Signature Move.
  • Liv: Empyrea’s Core Passive has been adjusted:
    • Liv: Empyrea’s Core Passive can now be activated by either double-tapping or holding the dodge button.
    • Liv: Empyrea can now perform dodge immediately after activating her Core Passive.
    • The Prayer meter on the bottom of the screen now flashes in red when Liv: Empyrea has accumulated maximum Prayer.
  • Lag Calculation is now triggered when Selena: Capriccio performs her Signature Move.
  • Selena: Capriccio will now gain Super Armor when performing a 3-ping attack.
  • Selena: Capriccio will now prioritize dashing according to the input of the directional stick when performing the Red 3-ping attack and Yellow 3-ping attack.

New Mode: Unite and Conquer (Beta)

Choose between three levels of difficulty, and fight together as a Guild to conquer nodes of enemies! This is a limited-time Guild-exclusive mode that becomes available during select patches. Unite and Conquer (Beta): Season 1 is available during Her Last Bow.


The portrait of the corresponding character currently tied to each memory and weapon resonances is now displayed as a small icon.
  • The UI for R&D (gacha) has been revamped.
  • The UI for the Top-up shop has been revamped.