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Debuts in the Untold Naraka patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
N/A N/A N/A 石川由依
Yui Ishikawa
Construct joins
This is YoRHa unit 2B.
Level up
I don't see any damage.
Huh. This might be useful...
Running system diagnostics... Core functionality appears intact.
Improve skill
Go ahead.
Equip weapon
Leave it to me.
Add to team
Stay focused.
Set as leader
We'll sort it out later. Let's go.
Mission complete
Is that all of them?
General greeting 1
More meaningless conjecture.
General greeting 2
Androids don't need to bathe.
General greeting 3
Some things are better left unknown.
General greeting 4
If they aren't hostile, fighting them is a waste of time.
General greeting 5
Feeling nice has no bearing on completing missions.
General greeting 6
I need to know if you've seen any new trends or behaviors among the machines.
General greeting 7
What is it that seaparates machines from androids like us?
General greeting 8
It's unnecessary.
General greeting 9
...Glory to mankind.
General greeting 10
Everyone has memories that are precious for one reason or another.
General greeting 11
Thanks for the assist.
Affection up 1
I'll rest if I feel like it.
Affection up 2
Affection up 3
We don't get to choose our assignments.
Affection up 4
Hmm... Don't need this.
Affection up 5
YoRHa aren't allowed to be emotional, remember?
Affection up 6
Gifts are such a useless ritual.
Affection up 7
Well. Aren't we generous.
Affection up 8
It's rude to give a person something without their permission. What if they don't want it?
Affection up 9
Though I suppose such intense curiosity can be admirable... In its own way.
Affection up 10
Affection up 11
Some things just aren't easy to talk about.
Affection up 12
Idle 1
No complaining about your work.
Idle 2
This is 2B. Nothing to report.
Idle 3
...There's no point trying to work out unsolvable problems.
Idle 4
Please. Anything will help.
Extended connection 1
What a waste of time.
Extended connection 2
You're getting distracted.
Extended connection 3
You okay?
Extended connection 4
Is there something you forgot?
Connection made 1
I know. Let's move.
Connection made 2
Running system diagnostics... Core functionality appears intact.
Connection made 3
This is 2B. Nothing to report.
Connection made 4
It's fine. Does that question have anything to do with our operation?
Connection made 5
You're oddly chatty today.
Connection made 6
All model-B combat units require the assistance of an operator.
Extended offline time 1
I'm glad you're okay...
Shake 1
Shake 2
What the hell?
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Activity at max
Deluxe? We'll see...
Battle starts
Enemy spotted. Destroy it.
Battle 1
All right. This ends now!
Battle 2
Let's take this bastard down.
Battle 3
I'm getting us out of here!
Would you just... die already!
You son of a... I'll kill you!
Knocked out
Guess this... is it...
Engage battle mode!
Good idea!
Battle over
We should leave before more enemies arrive.
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