Luna: Laurel/Voice

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As an Agent of the Ascension-Network, this is her complete combat form, in which she can manipulate the Heteromer energy of the Punishing Virus and Constructs to deliver attacks with a power that transcends all Ascendants. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (10%) Dark (90%) 50%


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Suzie Yeung 四白
Si Bai
Jau1 Hoi2 Sin1
Rie Kugimiya
Construct joins
I'm... Luna.
Level up
... Sister, have you made it thus far in the same way?
Always eager to surrender to its domination and enslavement... It causes you to lose sight of your actual purpose. Do you feel the same?
The frame has changed... And it wasn't because of Punishing. So that's how Babylonia evolves?
Improve skill
Power is returning to its origin.
Equip weapon
Weapons? What do you think when you assemble, craft and practice them?
Add to team
I am not interested in what's on the battlefield. You just need to tell me your targets.
Set as leader
... As the leader?
Mission complete
If my subordinates were more like you, Ascendants would be able to take over Babylonia in no time. Eh, I'm simply complimenting your strength... Why are you making that expression?
General greeting 1
Do what you have to do.
General greeting 2
You are all under the impression that Punishing endangers human civilization. But... is that true?
General greeting 3
Discard all worthless things in order to achieve the goals... Isn't that the way you humans do things? However, you denounce the same behavior with hypocritical arrogance. What do you want, humans?
General greeting 4
Babylonia... I used to fantasize about this place as well.
General greeting 5
Here's something you might already know. Ascendants... are Constructs as well. The frail human flesh is incapable of withstanding the strength of Ascension-Network.
General greeting 6
"Reconciliation with Your Alienated Family"... Is this book written by a human? Introduce me to the author. Oh? Already dead? I guess that's normal.
General greeting 7
The Punishing Virus poses the biggest threat to humans, and it is a power that the Ascendants can control. Are you still unsure about what to choose, human commandant?
General greeting 8
What do you imagine the world will be like when humans become extinct? Don't be alarmed. I just want to hear your thoughts.
General greeting 9
Truth about Ascension-Network? There are answers that you might not like. Just keep the way you are. That's enough.
General greeting 10
You, unlike others, have never betrayed that sister of mine. With you, maybe I can...
General greeting 11
Humans in this world may not be as awful as I thought, and mass extinction may not be necessary... I will not deny that is was you who swayed my opinion...
General greeting 12
When I last wished to protect someone, all I felt was despair and pain. I had no regrets about my decision, but I was also determined that I would not feel the same way for anyone else but my sister. But, now...
Affection up 1
You should think about the consequences of being courteous to me.
Affection up 2
Are you trying to cozy up to me?
Affection up 3
Have you finally come to your senses?
Affection up 4
If you're capable of this, you must be willing to go against all that has come before, right?
Affection up 5
I might have been swayed if I were still a human. But now... Forget it.
Affection up 6
... I don't hate it. However, this is inadequate to alter my perception of you people.
Affection up 7
Why are you so eager to warm up to me? You should cling to your principles, don't you?
Affection up 8
... Either way, you don't give up, do you?
Affection up 9
I'll stay by your side. I can feel it in your eyes - this is also what you want, isn't it?
Affection up 10
I can see why my sister thinks you're so special. If it had been you who had first discovered her...
Affection up 11
Every second, some planets are formed, and others are destroyed in this vast cosmos. Earth's destruction is a part of the annihilation. You, on the other hand, make this planet unique.
Affection up 12
Not your gifts, but you, who are ingrained in my memory, are what I most look forward to.
Idle 1
You seem to enjoy lounging about, don't you? So why don't you give up your fight once and for all?
Idle 2
Are you terrified of seeking the truth about this world?
Idle 3
You seem quite relaxed... I'm standing beside you. Aren't you concerned that I might harm you?
Idle 4
Did a team member ever tell you that the way you sleep makes people want to play a prank on you?
Extended connection 1
Oppression and insatiability - the human weaknesses are shown once again.
Extended connection 2
You look exhausted. Maybe this is a great chance for me to eliminate Babylonia.
Extended connection 3
I'm not going to do anything... Until you regain your usual vitality.
Extended connection 4
The world will not come to an end just because you take a break. I guarantee it.
Connection made 1
You're here.
Connection made 2
Ascension-Network is the driving factor in revolutionizing this world.
Connection made 3
Humans are a stupid, selfish, and wasteful species. You still don't grasp why the catastrophe strikes and the Punishing Virus rampages?
Connection made 4
You always seem to have a question for me. That is the nature of human curiosity toward the unknown... Some are destroyed, while others are revived, What does the future hold for you?
Connection made 5
With you in it, maybe the world isn't so hopeless after all.
Connection made 6
Join me in reshaping the world.
Extended offline time 1
If you, too, want to quit everything, humans have no place in this world.
Shake 1
What are you doing?
Shake 2
You thought you could rattle me with this small act?
Shake 3
Quick tap 1
Don't touch me.
Quick tap 2
Pointless act. Is it going to make you happy?
Quick tap 3
Stop showing your human flaws to me.
Activity at max
Even by Ascendant standards, your performance is extraordinary - I admire you for it.
Battle starts
Let the filtering begin.
Battle 1
I will bring you annihilation.
Battle 2
Let it be the end.
Battle 3
Punishment will descend upon here.
... That's impossible.
You think you can stop me?
Knocked out
... Got wrecked again.
Obey me, or you will be obliterated.
Battle over
This is the power of Ascension-Network... Understood?
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