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As an Agent of the Ascension-Network, this is her complete combat form, in which she can manipulate the Heteromer energy of the Punishing Virus and Constructs to deliver attacks with a power that transcends all Ascendants. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (10%) Dark (90%) 50%



This frame preserves Luna's original form when she was remodeled. The external equipment is made of Punishing Heteromer, which is exceptionally durable and lightweight. Luna can make a variety of weapons by altering the shape of the Heteromer, inflicting varied attacks. And she has the ability to go from devastating attack to impenetrable defense in the blink of an eye.


"I shall lead them in rebuilding this world, and my first mission will be to terminate the existence of Babylonia..." Luna believes that human hubris and greed are the root causes of all catasthropes.
They are arrogant and aloof, and they seek to reclaim the world, which has fallen into despair due to their deeds.


Luna, as Agent, has the power and responsibility to choose Contructs and mechanoids to become new Ascendants. Unfortunately, only a few have made it, and the majority have become the Corrupted. Luba used to be saddened by the plight of those Corrupted who have not been blessed by the Ascension-Network.


"Sister... Please stay by my side till I fall asleep."
Luna did not find peace and tranquility until Alpha became Ascendant. Although she is the Ascendant's leader, she is still the young girl scared of loneliness in front of her sister.


Luna is adamant about finding the other sister before everything is destroyed and persuading her to join her cause, even if force is needed. Luna feels that after all is settled, she will understand.


"I've known long ago that you, not Babylonia, are the real threat to Ascendant..." More than once Luna had been convinced that Babylonia's frail power would crumble in the face of the Ascendants' attacks, and that humans would perish as well. Finally, she learned that despair, not the virus or the Corrupted, is capable of destroying the world. As a result, the most difficult situation arises when people who refuse to give up hope band together.

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