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A Transcendant and the last head of Kowloong. After the Battle of Kowloong, she has gone into hiding and continued with her ambition to achieve the Tabula Akasha. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



After the siege war at the end of Golden Age, Qu volunteered to become a Construct using KCC's own technologies in order to protect Tabula Akasha. During the experiment, it was found that she had excellent Tantalum-193 Copolymer adaptability, which made her one of the most complete KCC Constructs.


Limited by the technologies used, Qu's Construct had relatively weaker resistance against Punishing Virus, so she never left KCC territory until she met an "Agent" and became a Transcendant. Finally, she got to witness how humans survive in the rest of the world.


Due to lack of information, Qu was once marked by Babylonia as an Ascendant during the war of Kowloong Metropolis. As the research on Venus Splash Park and Dead Zone progressed, it was learned that Qu was actually a Transcendant like Camu. She was never bothered by the identity given to her though, for it was merely one of many tools to realize Tabula Akasha.


Raised as the Monarch of Kowloong, Qu is a master strategist who can easily guide the opponent into her trap.


Qu completely disappeared from the surface after the war of Kowloong Metropolis. Many claimed to have witnessed her around the globe, but none of them could be verified. Reports from unknown senders also pointed out that Qu was in touch with the commandant of Gray Raven.


"Tell me more about you." Being protective as she is, Qu wants to know the complete information of those she sees as important, and make sure it is well-remembered.

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