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Born in Kowloong and a former member of the theater. He has become a bodyguard on Asslam after many twists and turns. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%



ADL-17, Changyu, once a staff in Kowloong Theater. He boarded the Nighter during the Golden Age war, but lost all memories after getting the "Collar." He later managed to escape the Nighter and became a guard of Akdilek.


His frame highlights the young man's agility and explosive power, allowing him to push his martial arts to a new level. The color of his pupils may change temporarily when the frame is running at maximum power.


After getting his memories back, Changyu often missed the meals he had with everyone back in the theater, so he started practicing cooking. He ended up giving out all of the dishes to civilians as Constructs did not need to eat, but Kowloong cuisine was not received well in train, and the lack of aesthetic appeal certainly did not help.
Few civilians would like to take his food, so he slowly gave up cooking. Although he never mentioned it, he still feel bitter about the result.


The copper coin in Changyu's hand was his "loot" from an operation. Originally a limited token issued within the Nighter, many wealthy people used it to show their identity and status.
Changyu often took advantage of this, and it became a habit even when he no longer had the need.


"Never abandoning each other--never leaving each other. That's a promise, okay?! Keep this promise no matter what happens." Changyu witnessed too much separation and betrayal in the slums of Kowloong. This is the first time that he completely lets down his guard to offer the Commandant a promise and an invitation.


"War took everything that I was familiar with. I will do my best to protect you so this won't happen again." If anyone ever asks Changyu why he would do that, he will say it is for the promise and he does not want to fail Commandant's trust. But there is another reason that he will never say: he hopes that one day, Commandant can sit with him together on a dinner table and enjoy his dishes like family.

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