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Leader of the original Forest Guard, Rosetta has been taken in by Babylonia, designated as a special unit, and redeployed onto the battlefield in a more humanoid form. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



IH-31C, Rosetta, humanoid-hybrid Construct manufactured by the Arctic Route Union.
Rosetta uses a transformable spear as her primary means of combat and is a highly mobile and powerful Construct. She can transform into a human-form Construct through casting off her centaur module. In her human form, her charge attack potential is even more formidable through the added auroral wings and HFEM levitation device.


"If I go out of control again, please don't hesitate. It's for my own good..." A previous exposure to the virus has put Rosetta's M.I.N.D. in an unstable state. She has since been plagued by worries about any lingering traces of the virus causing her to go out of control again.


Though Rosetta is used to being alone, she does not dislike social interaction. Quite the opposite, all members of the Forest Guard know that Rosetta is more afraid of solitude than any of them, and that she treasures their bonds the greatest too.


"I did not believe in Babylonia's theories about humanoid-hybrid Contructs at first, but after taking on a human form, I do feel like I'm still human sometimes." Due to Babylonia's technical issues, Rosetta has operated in her human form after she allied with Babylonia. This seems to have made her realize that, before she became part of the Forest Guard, she was just a normal girl.


"Only by my staying here, will the Forest Guard be accepted by the others." Though the skirmish with the Ascendants has made the port-dwellers rethink their relationship with the Forest Guard, most members of the union administration are still wary of the Forest Guard out of fear and loathing. By staying in Babylonia as a representative ally, Rosetta restrains any overt movements from the union traditionalists.


Rosetta was not assigned a team after joining Babylonia. In principal, all squads can apply for her support. In reality, Rosetta has only worked with the Gray Raven and operated in HQ-related missions. The only commandant she has ever worked with is the Gray Raven's.

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