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A Transcendant that was once a repressed alter-ego in Kamui's M.I.N.D., Camu has been given his own unit by Babylonia, and now specializes in operations in and around heavily-Corrupted Dead Zones. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (20%) Dark (80%) 50%



Transcendant, Vanguard. Good at using his greatsword to tear everything apart.
One of the experimental subjects of a secret Babylonia program.
As a Transcendant, he can use Asimov's specially tuned frame to move freely even in high viral density regions.


"So it did end up like this... What a loathsome world." Writes his emotions, likes and dislikes on his face. Always trusts his instincts.
Joined Kurono's early secret experiment, and as such, he bears great disgust for Kurono.


The other duality of Kamui. Different, yet the same. They watch over each other. Kamui and Camu eventually made peace with each other's existence - a sign of both of their acceptance and growth.
Information on Camu and Kamui's relationship, as well as relevant information about "Kamui" has become classified information. The last person to view the files was Nikola.


After a complete scan by Asimov, Camu's memories were found to have been tampered with.
Some portions of it were archived. Due to thought model stability and frame compatibility concerns, Babylonia has decided to fully monitor Camu and return his consciousness to Kamui's frame at scheduled intervals.


Because of viral corruption from within and without, the frame that Camu is currently using, though specially tuned by Asimov, still deteriorates at a jawbreaking pace.
As such, Asimov is using Kamui's frame as a sample to look into Tenebrion as a possible solution.


As a special and experimental case, after Camu was brought back by the Gray Raven, he was assigned to the task force. Camu's profile reads him as part of the Strike Hawk, but in reality, he listens directly to Gray Raven for dead zone missions.
The reason to why Camu agreed to be part of Babylonia is still a mystery.

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