Camu: Crocotta/Voice

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A Transcendant that was once a repressed alter-ego in Kamui's M.I.N.D., Camu has been given his own unit by Babylonia, and now specializes in operations in and around heavily-Corrupted Dead Zones. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (20%) Dark (80%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Patrick Gruia DK 阿戈伊奥
A3 Gwo1 Yi1 Ou3
Jun Fukuyama
Construct joins
So that's how it is... What a disgusting world this is.
Level up
Getting stronger with just this stuff... That's too easy.
You aren't thinking of holding me down with this sorta stuff, are you?
Power me up more. So I can escape from this place.
Improve skill
Skills are what you use to battle, yeah...? Reminds me of some bad memories.
Equip weapon
Weapons are nothing but the shields of the weak.
Add to team
So there's others? Not like I'd treat them as my companions.
Set as leader
I'm not babysitting others.
Mission complete
Mission complete. Let's go see what they have for us.
General greeting 1
Kamui... I'll treat him just like I did before. Don't worry.
General greeting 2
Don't talk to me. My memories are still muddled. Don't wanna get mixed with that idiot's.
General greeting 3
Getting me over here... You people must be hurrying to die or something.
General greeting 4
Honestly, greatswords - not my jam.
General greeting 5
Commandant. That's how I should be calling you? How silly.
General greeting 6
I hate Kurono the most, the virus the second, and the third... What do you think it is? Of course, it's this world.
General greeting 7
Its been awhile since I've been separated... Commandant, will you tell me about how Kamui's been doing?
General greeting 8
Knowing more about me won't help you with your plans. Instead, shouldn't you be worrying about your direction in the future?
General greeting 9
Superiors and whatnots are what I hate the most, so next time, before the operation, think of a way for me to call you. Okay?
General greeting 10
Ascendants don't hate this world like I do. So beware. Try not to get them to like you, after all, even I...
General greeting 11
"Ah, that felt so good..." That's what you've been wanting to hear, yeah?
General greeting 12
Even without the virus, this world would have fallen from something else. So try not to stay too far, or else I wouldn't be able to protect you.
Affection up 1
I'm not Kamui. Spare your little tricks.
Affection up 2
Don't stuff it over.
Affection up 3
Fine. I'll treat you like a commandant.
Affection up 4
Don't put Kamui and my taste together.
Affection up 5
Is this how you handle Kamui too?
Affection up 6
Something to eat? Let me see.
Affection up 7
The benefits of having a body, huh... Hmph.
Affection up 8
Yeah, not a bad choice. Thanks.
Affection up 9
If only you were there when that happened...
Affection up 10
Of course I'll have it if it's something nice. I'm different from that guy after all - I'm true to my own desires.
Affection up 11
I'm the same as that guy... No, even more so than him. Since I'm the original.
Affection up 12
You're sending me gifts for a reason, trying to get something out of me, yeah? Just spill it.
Idle 1
What are you doing? I'm not planning on wasting time here!
Idle 2
If you ain't moving, then let's just call it for today!
Idle 3
Gone home...? Guess I'll try the seat... Hmm, not bad.
Idle 4
If you're daydreaming, go somewhere else. Even if you've got serum, it's bad for your body.
Extended connection 1
You've been here for too long. Get out!
Extended connection 2
If you don't have further plans, then let's call it here. I need some me-time.
Extended connection 3
You dozed off in the last mission, yeah? Can't help it then, let's leave this 'til tomorrow.
Extended connection 4
You're sleeping here tonight? Then should I sing a lullaby for you that even Kamui haven't heard of before?
Connection made 1
... What? You want me to say hi to you?
Connection made 2
Mornin'. That's what Kamui would say to you.
Connection made 3
How about a short sparring session with me before an actual operation? Your face right now looks like it needs a beating.
Connection made 4
My "best friend..." The phrase still doesn't click with me, but, let's get today's missions started.
Connection made 5
I have the virus in me, so I can't go see you, but only wait here... Don't make me wait for too long.
Connection made 6
Waiting for you here has become my only past time. Let's go, Commandant.
Extended offline time 1
Have you never heard of this thing called responsibility? You dragged me out of Kamui, and left me all alone! What is the meaning of this?!
Shake 1
Kamui might like this kind of stuff, but not me.
Shake 2
My master once made me do similar trainings as well... You're just as despicable as him.
Shake 3
Uwaa...! Cough, cough... That was just an accident. One more!
Quick tap 1
This is why I hate being with people.
Quick tap 2
You wanna know what happens when I go mad?
Quick tap 3
Hah... What kinda reaction are you trying to get outta me?
Activity at max
Activity's full. Satisfied
Battle starts
I'll destroy all there is to hate!
Battle 1
No mercy!
Battle 2
Stay put!
Battle 3
I found your weakness!
I walk with the dark. No - I AM the DARK!
Don't think you're getting away with this!
Knocked out
... I'll leave the rest to you, Kamui.
Is that all you've got?
Battle over
The enemies are everywhere. Let's get ready for the next battle.
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