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A Transcendant that was once a repressed alter-ego in Kamui's M.I.N.D., Camu has been given his own unit by Babylonia, and now specializes in operations in and around heavily-Corrupted Dead Zones. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (20%) Dark (80%) 50%


Crocotta's Secret 1

Dislikes being roused from sleep. Will be in a bad mood if done so.

Crocotta's Secret 2

Gamer god. Especially good at action games from the Golden Age.

Crocotta's Secret 3

Has no idea about how casual games like matching pairs work. Thinks that they are annoying and have no reason to exist.

Crocotta's Secret 4

Has a near photographic memory about traveling routes and image-related information.

Crocotta's Secret 5

Dislike repairing and switching frames. Rejects all scheduled frame maintenance events.

Crocotta's Secret 6

Had his taste sensor especially enhanced. Broad-minded about different human delicacies, and is eager to try them.

Crocotta's Secret 7

Begins to doubt himself when his thoughts align with Kamui's.

Crocotta's Secret 8

Only conscious about 30% of the time when he is in Kamui's M.I.N.D. Sleeping in the rest of the 70%. Does not know all that Kamui's sees or hears.

Crocotta's Secret 9

After coming to terms with Kamui, for almost every night daily, Kamui will tell him everything that's happened in the day.

Crocotta's Secret 10

Obstinastely trusts his instincts and first impressions on people. Scientists like Asimov are of course a den of dangerous bastards, and the commandant of Gray Raven is "eh, alright" and worthy of trust, at least.

Crocotta's Secret 11

To everyone's suprise, Camu keeps his promises and is always punctual.

Crocotta's Secret 12

Will fall silent when he is in deep contemplation. Kamui has once said that an angry Camu is extremely terrifying.

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