Rosetta: Rigor/Secrets

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Leader of the original Forest Guard, Rosetta has been taken in by Babylonia, designated as a special unit, and redeployed onto the battlefield in a more humanoid form. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Rigor's Secret 1

Her obsolete centaur module is officially named "Lindwyrm".

Rigor's Secret 2

Forest Guard members groom each other's hair. Rosetta's hairstyle was the result of a public voting.

Rigor's Secret 3

Likes animals, especially whales.

Rigor's Secret 4

Concerned about her frame weight. In weight measurement tests, she will stealthily activate her wing to cheat.

Rigor's Secret 5

Rosetta was once reluctant about being called a leader or captain, but eventually gave in.

Rigor's Secret 6

Not good with electronics and machines. According to Rosetta, however, she definitely knows how to use them, she merely dislikes them.

Rigor's Secret 7

Rosetta still believes that centaurs really existed.

Rigor's Secret 8

Rosetta finds it difficult to adapt to simulated gravity environments. She usually avoids going near portholes that can see the outer space.

Rigor's Secret 9

To be battle-ready at all times, Rosetta sleeps standing and levitating.

Rigor's Secret 10

Babylonia has equipped Rosetta with a spear and a shield according to her usage habits. Rosetta, however, actually has no weapon preferences and can use any weapons effectively for battle.

Rigor's Secret 11

Has childish interests such as dodge ball, card games, watching animations, and so on.

Rigor's Secret 12

After meeting the commandant, Rosetta has been feeling like the unlucky incidents are becoming few and far between.

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