Changyu: Qilin/Secrets

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Debuts in the Lost Chapter patch. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


Qilin's Secret 1

Cares a lot about his own good, almost to the extent of being greedy, but knows his boundaries well and will not do the wrong thing for profit. The "profit" here is not limited to monetary terms, as Changyu also sees relationship with others as important asset.

Qilin's Secret 2

Likes to address those older than him as uncle or auntie, but only out of respect. Immediately changes if told not to do so.

Qilin's Secret 3

Hates waste, so he dislikes those tycoons who easily throw things away and tries to avoid dealing with them. Thinks Jamilah is a good merchant as she makes maximum use of her goods.

Qilin's Secret 4

Actually quite bothered by the fact that Constructs can never grow taller again naturally.

Qilin's Secret 5

Can be a little laid-back, but always makes sure his duties are completed.

Qilin's Secret 6

Is a great Kowloong cook and anjoys cooking for others. His dishes taste good, but often look horrible as he cannot be bothered to improve their aesthetics.

Qilin's Secret 7

Has 48 secret bases located in ruins or cabin warehouses. Keeps his "goodies" in these bases to prepare for unforeseen situations.

Qilin's Secret 8

Never easily makes a promise. Always tries to get away or decline the things that he is not willing to do.

Qilin's Secret 9

When he was a kid, he dreamed of becoming a hero in the drama to protect everyone.

Qilin's Secret 10

Is great at playing traditional games like mahjong. Can tell a card by touching its surface pattern, and sort the tiles to his liking using some technique.

Qilin's Secret 11

Apart from playing cards, Changyu has also learned many performing tricks during his leisure time. Often makes good use of these tricks in his missions.

Qilin's Secret 12

Uses his tail mostly grabbing maintaining balance, but can also use it as a weapon occasionally. He would make a sudden turn to "accidentally" tangle the opponent's legs with the tail, then attack again when bowing down to apologize. This move rarely misses on the first encounter.

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