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A Transcendant and the last head of Kowloong. After the Battle of Kowloong, she has gone into hiding and continued with her ambition to achieve the Tabula Akasha. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Pavo's Secret 1

Very rarely calls herself the Kowloong Monarch unless necessary.

Pavo's Secret 2

Enjoys reading human books during her leisure time, particularly on anthropology and history topics.

Pavo's Secret 3

Understands and agrees that propaganda is necessary, but still cringes when she sees her own image being printed on promotional materials.

Pavo's Secret 4

Felt relaxed for a very brief moment after disappearing, but soon denied this emotion. She knew she had to keep working on Tabula Akasha in secret.

Pavo's Secret 5

It's always lonely at the top. But Qu does not mind.

Pavo's Secret 6

Strictly follows her daily routine.

Pavo's Secret 7

Felt taking care of her own long hair was a lot of hassle, so decided to just wear it down .

Pavo's Secret 8

Once thought about asking Huiyu to comb her hair, but gave up in the end.

Pavo's Secret 9

Once blamed herself for a long time after lying on a soft lounge for 3 minutes, then ordered to destroy all soft-texture furniture within KCC.

Pavo's Secret 10

Is an advocate of science, but can be quite traditional when it comes to some personal matters.

Pavo's Secret 11

Found many undiscovered planets on the Observatory, and named them after people around her.

Pavo's Secret 12

One of them was named after the Commandant.

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