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As an Agent of the Ascension-Network, this is her complete combat form, in which she can manipulate the Heteromer energy of the Punishing Virus and Constructs to deliver attacks with a power that transcends all Ascendants. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (10%) Dark (90%) 50%


Laurel's Secret 1

Under her sister's influence, she adores wearing stylish trinkets from time to time.

Laurel's Secret 2

Technically, the external attachment to this coating is entirely made of Punishing Virus Heteromers.

Laurel's Secret 3

Luna would rather be attacked than have her body smeared with dirt.

Laurel's Secret 4

Luna enjoys the feeling of weightlessness and near-perfect cleanliness in space.

Laurel's Secret 5

Because of her levitation, Luna's hair is frequently tangled and requires a lot of grooming.

Laurel's Secret 6

Luna has been afraid of hot meals since she was a child. Although Construct is unlikely to get burned, she cannot seem to break her habit of blowing on hot food before eating.

Laurel's Secret 7

She knows very little about the general knowledge because her daily activites are taken care of by her sister or Roland.

Laurel's Secret 8

She likes reading old paper books, although she prefers graphical books with less words.

Laurel's Secret 9

Luna loathes being looked down upon, so she will vary the height of her levitation according on the one she is speaking with.

Laurel's Secret 10

Luna tried to talk to the Corrupted, but they could only follow orders, not answer questions.

Laurel's Secret 11

Luna realized that not all snow is tainted with blood and grime after seeing pristine snow for the first time in the polar area.

Laurel's Secret 12

Lucia made up all sorts of stories about ghosts appearing from the shadows to keep Luna from being alone in the dark. Luna is still terrified of the dark because of this.

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