Qu: Pavo/Voice

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A Transcendant and the last head of Kowloong. After the Battle of Kowloong, she has gone into hiding and continued with her ambition to achieve the Tabula Akasha. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


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Stephanie Novak 叶知秋
Ye Zhi Qiu
Ling4 Chaam1
Sayaka Ohara
Construct joins
I am the leader of Kowloong Corporation, the vessel for Kowloong's will. You dare command me? Then show me that you are up for the task.
Level up
The Constructs of Babylonia improve themselves through these items, huh...
Pro...motion? I am already at the pinnacle of Kowloong. Babylonia titles mean nothing to me.
Very well. I shall grow stronger... and stronger.
Improve skill
Even the minutest of abilities may turn the tides of battle.
Equip weapon
I shall protect Kowloong's final glory with this.
Add to team
Are you seeking my aid as an ally of Kowloong, or as a commandant?
Set as leader
Well then, I shall lead you until the very end.
Mission complete
Your mission is complete? Very well.
General greeting 1
I may have come to Babylonia, but that does not entail my subordination to you. Know your place.
General greeting 2
Such an... empty room.
General greeting 3
Birds of a different feather do not flock together. I have my own reasons for lending my aid to you.
General greeting 4
You may rise, commandant of Babylonia.
General greeting 5
Are you still planning for the battles to come? You know it is futile, and yet you do not know when to give up.
General greeting 6
Kowloong shall move the world the Kowloong way. Outsiders shan't meddle.
General greeting 7
This world is nearing its end. Resistance is futile. The Tabula Akasha is the only path.
General greeting 8
You cannot agree with the Tabula Akasha? And yet, you promise false hopes and futures for your members - a most cruel and imprudent act. Now you wish to convince me like the others? Regrettably I am not gullible like your birdlings.
General greeting 9
When last ember of hope fades in this age... To leave traces that we've existed, for them to sail through endless eons, ossifying into eternal perfection - Is that not the most beautiful thing?
General greeting 10
Bowing out gracefully is what we, the most intelligent beings on this planet should do. To crawl and struggle until one's end is an act that begs the utmost repugnance.
General greeting 11
You wish to know more of Villier? Being driven by pointless emotions is a most irrational act. He deserved the ending he chose for himself. On this matter... I have no further comments.
General greeting 12
Reminds me... Would you like to call me Lady Qu like my subordinates? I think it might be quite amusing for you to call me so. But, now...
Affection up 1
I've seen enough chicaneries by ill-minded cretins. If you bear the same wiles in mind, I advise you to give up.
Affection up 2
For me? You dare present a commoner's item before me?
Affection up 3
You and the others would still find it difficult to comprehend the will and choice of Kowloong.
Affection up 4
Very well. I shall accept your tribute. State your business.
Affection up 5
Holding on to such naive thoughts... You haven't lost enough of what you cherish.
Affection up 6
I will accept anything worthwhile. Do send in more valuable tributes.
Affection up 7
I look like I'm in despair? You, do you know what words came out of your mouth?
Affection up 8
Not bad. You have an eye for rare curios.
Affection up 9
A more clamorous place than what I've imagined... The Observatory has always been silent. But, this vexes me not.
Affection up 10
If you insist, then I shall accept. I need only make a little space in the slumbering piles of Kowloong relics.
Affection up 11
You always appear before others to your own whims, always performing acts that trouble others...
Affection up 12
You might as well make yourself into a statue and hand yourself over to me. I will display it somewhere conspicuous in Kowloong... I jest. You are best teeming with life.
Idle 1
To have the head of Kowloong wait here... You've got some nerve.
Idle 2
A leader shan't wallow in such indolence. Stand. Now!
Idle 3
Not here, again...? Not enthroning oneself in authority, but living and dying with one's subordinates... That must be why the Gray Ravens...
Idle 4
Asleep...? Very well, you may have a ten-minute rest.
Extended connection 1
What are you doing?
Extended connection 2
If you have nothing else, take your leave. You are being a nuisance.
Extended connection 3
That should be enough for the day. Or, is it Babylonia's custom to mistreat commandants?
Extended connection 4
I can handle the paperwork... What is it? You dare doubt the prowess of the leader of Kowloong...? You aren't? Then go rest! But remember, just this once.
Connection made 1
You are here.
Connection made 2
What new trick did you come up with to annoy me today?
Connection made 3
You may rise, Gray Raven Commandant.
Connection made 4
You are here. Have you eaten? What is it...? Do you find it strange that I engage in such pleasantries?
Connection made 5
You are here. Tell me the operational arrangements for the coming days.
Connection made 6
I suggest that you let me arrange your schedule from now on.
Extended offline time 1
I thought you were about to give up in your struggles... I can't tell if this is joy, or woe that I feel.
Shake 1
Shake 2
Are the Corrupted attacking? I must evacuate my people...
Shake 3
Ah... Not an issue. Keep your posture in mind.
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Ngh... Do you not know what respect is?
Quick tap 3
You dare commit such atrocities. You must be prepared to face my wrath, yes?
Activity at max
Fair results, befitting of a commandant I approve of... This is only natural.
Battle starts
Worthless, struggling insects have no reason to exist.
Battle 1
This is the will of Kowloong!
Battle 2
Battle 3
Dance on the tip of my blade!
Crumble and become history!
To think I'd...
I shan't lower my guard...
Knocked out
The weak is destined to perish... In the end, I'm...
To assign me such petty work, how impudent.
Face annihilation!
Battle over
How many more of these pointless battles do you require, before you realize your futile struggles?
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