Changyu: Qilin/Voice

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Born in Kowloong and a former member of the theater. He has become a bodyguard on Asslam after many twists and turns. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Caleb Yen kinsen 包少爷
Baau1 Siu3 Ye4
Natsuki Hanae
Construct joins
Heyas, here to help. Don't worry about paying me, old man Hassen's got it all sorted.
Level up
Oh, I'm powering up. Well, it's only natural.
Promotion? I know all about promotions! So what am I now in the ABCDEs? Huh, it doesn't work like that?
Hehe, I'm getting fired up!
Improve skill
Ahah! I know what's wrong with this move now.
Equip weapon
This is pretty good! Haiya! Woosh! (Punches)
Add to team
Let's go! Let's wreck their defenses!
Set as leader
Remind me to hold back on the battlefield. Else I might punch 'em too hard.
Mission complete
General greeting 1
Let's see... Maintenance, snacks, mental health compensation... Well, seeing how we're good friends, I'll give you a discount. This should be nothing to you, yeah?
General greeting 2
Do I HAVE to stand here? Tch, boooring.
General greeting 3
Do you NOT have anything fun in Babylonia? Fighting after fighting is going to bore me to death.
General greeting 4
You free? Wanna tell me something funny that's happened on your missions? In exchange, I can tell you something about the train that even Sophia doesn't know 'bout.
General greeting 5
If you only practice the martial forms and don't cultivate your internal energy, you'll never amount to anything. C'mere, can't stand watching you flailing around anymore. I'll give you the full course. This is a once in a lifetime chance, don't miss out.
General greeting 6
Commandant! Commandant? Commandant... Huh, nope, still feels weird. Think I'll just call you by your name.
General greeting 7
Wanna play a game? I'll toss this coin and... Woop. Now guess, heads or tails?
General greeting 8
Height is just a number! Don't look down on me.
General greeting 9
Y'know, it's pretty chill around you. Wanna jump ship and work on our train? Ahahaha, I'm just joking.
General greeting 10
Well, ol' Lee... Lee's winning his games through calculations. Me, I'm winning mine through some teensy little tricks. You wanna know? Too bad, trade secret.
General greeting 11
This show requires a solid grasp on the basics of expression and posture. If you wanna learn, I can teach you.
General greeting 12
You are one popular fella. Introduce me to some of them folks too someday, aye? What? Oh, chill. I'm not tryna do anything.
Affection up 1
Whaddya think ya doing?!
Affection up 2
Give these kiddy toys to someone else.
Affection up 3
Oi! Are you treating me like a kid?
Affection up 4
You're trying to make me sell this stuff for you?
Affection up 5
Hey, whaddya think you're doing?! I'm getting goosebumps.
Affection up 6
More presents?! You must be planning something... Uh, well, I didn't say I didn't want it, yeah?! If it's free, then I'm taking it.
Affection up 7
Well, I can get along with anyone, but that doesn't mean I will do so willy-nilly.
Affection up 8
It was just a casual remark, but you still remembered it...? Well, thanks.
Affection up 9
Being here reminds me of the opera house times... No, it's nothing. Just that, being with you feels... nice.
Affection up 10
Got anything you want? I'm not the kind to just keep mooching presents off people...
Affection up 11
Not many people get my seal of approval. You are one of the few.
Affection up 12
Commandant, let's try this together next time, yeah?
Idle 1
Oh! You're still here? Don't tell Jamilah I'm dawdling around here!
Idle 2
Wakey-wakey-wakey! Else I'll have to spanky-spanky.
Idle 3
Yaaawn... Oh, nobody's around? Guess I can clock out.
Idle 4
Commandant...? Oh, asleep? Well then, turtle-doodles-on-yo-face time!
Extended connection 1
Man, I don't even get how people stand here for so long doing nothing.
Extended connection 2
Wow, you are one busy bee. Babylonia give you double overtime pay or sumthin'?
Extended connection 3
Stop working already. C'mon, let's go have some fun.
Extended connection 4
I'll help you with your work. Uh, not the paperwork kind, yeah? The tiny scribbles give me headaches.
Connection made 1
Oh, mornin'.
Connection made 2
Yeah, yeah. Coming!
Connection made 3
Let's see. What are we doing for today?
Connection made 4
Yaaawn... Waking early makes you a dummy. Let's just go to work later.
Connection made 5
Have you eaten...? Oh, where I'm from, people ask this as a greeting.
Connection made 6
Commandant, you look spiffin' ready. Wanna spar?
Extended offline time 1
We promised before. Who leaves without notice gets a flick on the forehead. C'mon, I'll be gentle.
Shake 1
This is nothing compared to the train.
Shake 2
Woah, you scared... Nope-definitely didn't trip! I didn't trip, that was a... martial art move! Yeah!
Shake 3
Hah! As still as the mountains.
Quick tap 1
Hehe... Tryna ambush me, yeah? Can't win against my reaction time.
Quick tap 2
You keep rubbing my head and I can't grow taller!
Quick tap 3
You...! Hey! Don't you dare run! I'll poke you back today!
Activity at max
That's all? Well, well, then the rest of the time's for me, yeah?
Battle starts
Well, I got paid. I'll handle the rest.
Battle 1
Move through the waist, converge qi into punches!
Battle 2
My interal qi is about to blow!
Battle 3
The true comes with the false. The soft overcomes the hard.
The form of the formless. The style of the styleless.
Ngh! I'm fine!
Oi! Think of something here!
Knocked out
Dammit... Move! My body...
All the work outside of the contract, you can treat it as free service from me.
One-inch punch!
Battle over
Seek victory in defeat. Seek safety in danger.
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