Rosetta: Rigor/Voice

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Leader of the original Forest Guard, Rosetta has been taken in by Babylonia, designated as a special unit, and redeployed onto the battlefield in a more humanoid form. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


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Sam Slade 贺文潇
He Wen Xiao
Si1 Yan1
Miyuki Sawashiro
Construct joins
This form of mine is to protect that which I treasure. Forest Guard, Rosetta, at your service.
Level up
Relearning how to use power... Such a nostalgic feeling.
This kind of glory... Do I really deserve it?
I'm not like the past me.
Improve skill
Training is the key to becoming stronger.
Equip weapon
If you don't want to die, then you must be prepared for everything.
Add to team
Leave the toughest enemies to me.
Set as leader
Leader... such a nostalgic and unfamiliar feeling.
Mission complete
A proper strategy brings proper results.
General greeting 1
I've gotten used to... being alone.
General greeting 2
Sorry. I'm still not used to narrow spaces.
General greeting 3
I can't feel the wind in Babylonia. It's slightly disconcerting.
General greeting 4
Should I call you "Commandant" just like the others?
General greeting 5
How do the Forest Guard live...? If you're interested, I can tell you when we have the time.
General greeting 6
Still getting used to such a light frame. But it won't affect my combat performance. Don't worry.
General greeting 7
Commandant, you worry too much. Reminds me of Diana sometimes.
General greeting 8
Forest Guards light bonfires, but not for warmth, but because the fire and the light dispels loneliness. Your room is bright, Commandant. I think that's nice.
General greeting 9
When you find yourself worrying, try running like you've never ran before, forgetting about everything... Shall we?
General greeting 10
Close friends in the Forest Guard groom each other's hair, but I'm by myself here... You'll help me? But... Um... Thanks...
General greeting 11
In the past, I had to play the leader. My footsteps must pave a path for the Forest Guard. But now, I'd like to walk with you, side by side.
General greeting 12
I never thought about the future or what will happen tomorrow. But since we got together, Commandant, I find myself driven to think about it.
Affection up 1
Your name... Mh-hm, I remember it.
Affection up 2
These are... item supplies?
Affection up 3
Instead of these things, training is more important.
Affection up 4
For me?... Really?
Affection up 5
Commandant... I feel natural calling you this way now.
Affection up 6
Commandant, you've never look for return for what you've done... This troubles me.
Affection up 7
If the occasion arises, I'd like to introduce everyone in the Forest Guard to you.
Affection up 8
What do I like? I've... Never thought about this before...
Affection up 9
Diana told me not to ignore my own feelings.
Affection up 10
Thank you... I've forgotten that receiving presents is such a joyous thing.
Affection up 11
Commandant, please come closer. I feel warmer that way.
Affection up 12
Why do we touch foreheads? This is the Forest Guard way of showing sincere thanks.
Idle 1
You're too relaxed. Daydreaming can be dangerous...
Idle 2
Commandant, if you're practicing ambushes, then I must remind you. You breathe too loudly.
Idle 3
Commandant...? Ah, it's nothing. I shouldn't trouble you at this time...
Idle 4
Waiting beside you is...surprisingly not unpleasant.
Extended connection 1
Fatigue is one's greatest enemy in battle. Keep that in mind.
Extended connection 2
You don't have to take everything into your hands. Please rest.
Extended connection 3
If it's okay, should I help you with your work?
Extended connection 4
Commandant, if you're tired, you can lay on me and sleep for awhile. We Forest Guards do so, really.
Connection made 1
Please assign a mission quickly. I feel uneased having nothing to do.
Connection made 2
Nothing unusual has happened. Please relax.
Connection made 3
I'm here early? This is just a habit of mine. Arctic mornings always come early.
Connection made 4
I never thought I'd be useful outside of battle.
Connection made 5
The pine needle tea? Yeah, I made it for you. Or would coffee have been better?
Connection made 6
I'm starting to think seeing you like this everyday is... pretty nice.
Shake 1
An avalanche?! No, wait... This is the outer space...
Shake 2
Hm... The postural instability of the human-form is still a weakness.
Shake 3
These tremors.. Looks like Babylonia isn't as safe as they make it out to be.
Quick tap 1
Commandant... Doesn't your finger hurt?
Quick tap 2
Is this some sort of ritual...? Should I be poking you back?
Quick tap 3
Commandant, are you trying to perform maintenance on me?
Activity at max
Good work. It will all be worth it.
Battle starts
I will spearhead this battle!
Battle 1
Whoever you are, come at me!
Battle 2
Defending? You think that's of any use?
Battle 3
Can you keep up with my speed?
Fall, my spear shall absolve you!
This pain is nothing to me!
My frame is... reaching its limits...
Knocked out
Is this the... end for me?
Helping each others... is not just my motto, but my belief.
Battle over
We shall break through all obstacles.
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