Vera: Rozen/Voice

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Leader of Cerberus, and the backbone of Babylonia's long-range connection field test team. Vera's extreme methods and belligerent, elusive demeanor have put her at the center of many a controversy. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (20%) Dark (80%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Dawn M. Bennett 江月
Jiang Yue
YUI 井上麻里奈
Marina Inoue
Construct joins
Vera of Cerberus. A M.I.N.D.-linking Commandant, huh... Try not to disappoint me.
Level up
You're just battle-data dumping. That's not how you grow strong.
Honestly, I kinda hate military ranks.
I want to skip all the boring steps. You know what to do next, right?
Improve skill
Go on. I don't want to waste time here.
Equip weapon
Prickly and beautiful... huh.
Add to team
This, is your doing?
Set as leader
Let me teach you how to squeeze every drop of value out of people.
Mission complete
Mission complete? There's more, right?
General greeting 1
Commanda... oh? You weren't actually expecting me to call you that, were you?
General greeting 2
You want to know about Cerberus' commandant? Save it. You're not getting anything from me.
General greeting 3
Link with my mind.
General greeting 4
Still alive? Looks like your suffering gets to continue.
General greeting 5
Don't treat me like those dilly-dallyiers, got it?
General greeting 6
I'll act cautiously according to Commandant's every order... or would I? Of course I wouldn't.
General greeting 7
Catching any hints yet? At the thing I want.
General greeting 8
You don't seem to like me talking about other commandants in front of you, hm? But well, I-don't-care. I'll even talk more about them. The expression you make is just priceless... It tickles all the right spots.
General greeting 9
Commandant. Commandant. Commandant. You've been longing for this, haven't you?
General greeting 10
Commandant, I don't like my belongings getting intimate with others.
General greeting 11
I might not listen to your orders, but you'll always have to listen to what I say - That is the condition for me being here.
General greeting 12
You are mine, Commandant.
Affection up 1
Trying to win over me? That ain't easy.
Affection up 2
You sucking up to me?
Affection up 3
...Still not giving up? Well then, let's see how far you can go.
Affection up 4
Hand it in.
Affection up 5
Looks like you're just like me - someone that's boundlessly greedy.
Affection up 6
I know you've got something better. Hand it all in.
Affection up 7
Sure. I'll leave a place in my M.I.N.D. for you.
Affection up 8
Learning, aren't you? That's what I like.
Affection up 9
Commandant, you are such a good plunderer.
Affection up 10
I'll have this. And, would you kindly also hand in all the stuff you got for the others?
Affection up 11
I'd like to take my stuff somewhere - to some place where no one can find, unlike last time.
Affection up 12
This won't fill me up... And I've grown so greedy all because of you, Commandant.
Idle 1
Dropping all your guard - is this how Gray Raven works?
Idle 2
Asleep? Well then, I'll be heading back to Cerberus' place.
Idle 3
Making me wait? You must be going through the phase.
Idle 4
Not waking up? Then don't blame me for what happens after.
Extended connection 1
Mission time is running a bit long today. But, not like it matters. You're just eating popcorn on the side.
Extended connection 2
Putting someone to bed isn't in my job description. I'll go get the Gray Ravens.
Extended connection 3
Tired? You're tired, yeah...? Sure, then go rest.
Extended connection 4
You're still trying to stay awake? What are you expecting? Me lullabying you to sleep? Ahaha... I have a better idea. You wanna try?
Connection made 1
Good morning. Or is it night? I'm bad with time.
Connection made 2
Finally showing yourself before me.
Connection made 3
Not bad, I guess - you being the first person I see today.
Connection made 4
We've been meeting quite frequently lately. You can't be...?
Connection made 5
I sent everyone away. You can just tell me the schedule for today.
Connection made 6
Commandant, let me handle your schedule today, how does that sound?
Extended offline time 1
You actually returned... To stop you from running away, I'd better do something. Maybe I should just bind you up, Commandant.
Shake 1
Didn't know you liked these kiddy games.
Shake 2
You aren't hurting me in the slightest with this. What's the point?
Shake 3
...Get your temper in check already, yeah?
Quick tap 1
I hate this thing you do.
Quick tap 2
Is this an invitation? An invitation to your beheading?
Quick tap 3
If you're enjoying it, go on, continue, won't you?
Activity at max
Guess that calls it for the day. What a killjoy.
Battle starts
Let's begin pillaging this battlefield.
Battle 1
Need a ride to hell?
Battle 2
Hurts, doesn't it?
Battle 3
Who said you could stand up?
Feed me more pain!
Not good enough...
This is my favorite feeling...
Knocked out
No more... pain?
There you are. I'll be having your share of the mission reward.
Begging for help? Need a hand?
Battle over
Have your perfect little victory, Commandant.
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