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Leader of Cerberus, and the backbone of Babylonia's long-range connection field test team. Vera's extreme methods and belligerent, elusive demeanor have put her at the center of many a controversy. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (20%) Dark (80%) 50%



"Vera of Cerberus. A M.I.N.D.-linking Commandant, huh... Try not to disappoint me."
The leader of Cerberus. Support-type. Adept at melee weapons and prefers using them, as they allow her to feel pain and danger more directly.


"You want to know about Cerberus' commandant? Save it. You're not getting anything from me."
As part of the first batch of experimental Babylonia troops for mind linking, the Cerberus squad has always been without a commandant for unspoken reasons. They have always been looking for a commandant that can remotely link with their minds.
In the battle in Kowloong Metropolis, Cerberus was assigned a commandant and can finally fight while mind-linked.


"Still alive? Looks like your suffering gets to continue."
Only through suffering—the other's, the world's, her own—can Vera prove that she exists, prove that she still lives.


Due to Vera's extremist methodology, sharp tongue, unscrupulous pillaging, and murky stance, her reputation is in the exhaust system between the Consstruct squads.
There are, however, some Constructs that admire her ways. For instance, the Hellhound squad, whose name even mimics Cerberus', is filled with Vera's fanatical followers.


As one of the members of Kurono Spec Ops, she worked with Lee for a short while.
Vera's time in Kurono made her more resolute in her belief that the only way to survive in this pain-stricken world is to plunder and attack.


Due to various reasons, Cerberus, led by Vera, is always in an anarchic state. Some other Construct squads even call them hyenas. Their squad hierarchy might be nonexistent, and the members might not always listen to commands, but they still function together as a team somehow.
Searching for a commandant that can mind-link, Vera found her prey in Gray Raven's commandant. Every move of the commandant is slowly, but surely, affecting Vera in some way.

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