Uniframes (known as Compositers in other versions) are an alternative type of playable characters in Punishing: Gray Raven.

Uniframe Overview

About Uniframes

All known Uniframes possess a default class rating of S-Rank.

Unlike Omniframes, Uniframes only possess one predesignated class: Vanguard. Uniframes can be deployed in the same team as Omniframes but they suffer a 30% ATK penalty per Omniframe in the same team.

There are various game modes available in Punishing: Gray Raven that require or encourage the usage of Uniframes.

Obtaining Punishing: Gray Raven

After the introduction of the Grand Blue patch, when a Commandant first reaches level 52, they will automatically receive one copy of Camu: Crocotta along with a full six-piece Koya memory set and one copy of Glimpse. All other Uniframes (as well as further copies of Camu) can be obtained through Research & Development.

  • Unlike Omniframes, all S-Rank Uniframes are guaranteed every 10 pulls.


In the event that you pull a duplicate of a character you already own, the duplicate will be converted into Inver-Shards.

  • All S-Rank Uniframe duplicates yield 18 Inver-Shards.


Like Omniframes, a Uniframe can be promoted every five levels by spending Cogs, greatly improving overall stats. The total cost of fully promoting a character is 542,500 Cogs. These promotion ranks are named the following: Lurk, Corrupt, Manifest, Burst, Mutate, and Reborn.

Playable Uniframes