Omniframes make up the majority of the playable characters in Punishing: Gray Raven.

Omniframe Overview

About Omniframes

Omniframes are designed for the majority of the game's content and possess default class ratings of B-Rank, A-Rank, and S-Rank.

Omniframes have four predesignated classes: Attacker (dealing damage), Tank (weakening enemies), Support (healing and buffing allies), and Amplifier ((healing, buffing allies, and dealing damage). Omniframes can be deployed in the same team as Uniframes, but Uniframes suffer a 30% ATK penalty per Omniframe present in the team.

  • Omniframes and Uniframes are collectively known as Constructs.

Obtaining Omniframes

With the exception of B-Rank characters, Omniframes are predominantly acquired through R&D.

  • B-Rank Omniframes are given automatically via story progression.
  • A-Rank Omniframes are guaranteed every 10 pulls.
  • S-Rank Omniframes are guaranteed at a minimum of 60 pulls.


In the case that you pull a duplicate of a character you already own, the duplicate will be converted into Inver-Shards. The amount of Shards you obtain depends on the base rarity of the character you pulled, regardless of how much you have increased their rank previously.

  • B-Rank Omniframes duplicates give 6 Inver-Shards
  • A-Rank Omniframes duplicates gives 18 Inver-Shards
  • S-Rank Omniframes duplicates give 30 Inver-Shards


Every five levels, a Omniframe can be promoted by spending Cogs, greatly improving overall stats. The total cost of fully promoting a character is a hefty 542,500 Cogs. These promotion ranks are named the following: Private, Sergeant, Elite, Task Force, Ace, and Hero.

Playable Omniframes