This page goes over various terms used either in gaming or that are specific to PGR. If you have ever been confused by a term, you may find this useful.

Character Classes

See also Class.

Term Description
This is the class of Constructs that are designed primarily to do damage.
Defensive Constructs who specialise in shredding enemy shields.
Constructs who focus on healing and buffs.
Similar to Support Constructs but with better buffs and then some.
Exclusive to Transcendant. A practical one-man team that can do just about anything.

PGR-Specific Terms

Term Description
When 3 Signal Orbs of the same colour line up, one press will consume all three and the associated attack will be stronger.
Quick Time Event. When using a 3-Ping, the teammate whose colour in the team screen matches the colour of the 3-ping will begin flashing/pulsating, indicating that their QTE can be used. If the portrait is pressed at this point, instead of swapping characters, the teammate will jump out, do a skill, and leave.
Double QTE Trigger/Trick
Some characters heavily rely on Double QTE Triggers to maximize their damage output. To perform a Double QTE Trigger you need to activate the QTE of the character who is not holding Da Vinci, wait until they finish their QTE animation and disappear from the field, activate the Da Vinci user's QTE and trigger the first character's QTE again (via Da Vinci's effect).
EX (Extreme) Dodge
A perfectly-timed dodge that will trigger the Matrix.
Every 15 seconds, an EX Dodge will result in time slowing down around your character. During this period, the opportunity to use a Matrix-ping will arise.
When a Matrix is entered, all Signal Orbs will start flashing. If a flashing Orb is pressed during this small window, the Orb will have the same power as three, and thus equate to a 3-Ping.
The gauge that needs to fill by using Signal Orbs in order to use a Signature Move.
Signature Move
Also known as Ultimate/Ult, this move can be used when enough Energy has been accumulated.

General Gaming Jargon

Term Description
Super Armor
The state wherein you or an enemy cannot be knocked down or knocked out of attacks. Certain Orb skills, for example, may have innate superarmor, making them impossible for the enemy to cancel.
Invincibility Frames. The time in which you or an enemy cannot take any kind of damage nor debuffs. Many characters' Signature Move gives you a few moments of i-frames. It doesn't last long, so you better time it right.
Damage Per Second. This refers to the average amount of damage done every second. Generally used to comment on how much damage someone does. Sometimes also used as a noun to refer to Attackers.
Bursting refers to the act of quickly melting enemy HP (as opposed to dealing damage over a longer amount of time).
Proc, or programmed random occurence, typically refer to effects that are triggered randomly or after a specific condition is met.
"Cap," as a general gaming jargon, is short for "capacity" and is commonly used to define a limit for something.