Guides/Beginner's Guide


Getting Started

Level 1 - 40

Blasting Through the Story Mode
  • Focus on getting through the story to begin with; at various level milestones, you'll unlock more and more types of content
    • Side note: the story is pretty enjoyable to read!
    • That said, if you want to skip it to play as much as possible, cutscenes can be rewatched in the Codex
  • Try to rush to level 35 and clear Stage 5-7 (Normal) to unlock your essential dailies and weeklies
Team Building
  • Put all of your eggs in one basket and focus on leveling one team only — your Support Construct can be 10-15 levels below your Attacker and Tank
  • Always bring a Tank, as debuffs are much more potent and important than buffs in PGR; in addition, the Tank Class Skill (available on every Tank and unlockable at S-Rank) lowers enemies' extra damage reduction
  • In your mail, you'll find an S-Rank Construct Pick — you can accept it from your mail, but don't use it (from your Items menu) for now as you'll want to choose a Construct based on which S-Rank you got from your first pity
Get into a Guild
  • Join a Guild and do your three weekly Boss fights; use the currency to buy Hypertune materials and Uniframe Shards from the Guild shop

Level 40 - 80

Prioritizing Events
  • If an Event is active and you're Level 40+, try to spend the majority of your Serum on the Event's farming stage
    • The Global version is now at the point where more and more Memories are in each Event shop, making the Memory farming stage less and less relevant
    • In general, you will want to grind the Event's currency farming stage
    • If it is missing a Memory that you need, however, such as Frederick, you may choose to farm the Memory stage until you get it
  • There are one-to-two days of down-time between events — use this time to progress the story and other game modes that cost Serum, like Stronghold and Golden Vortex
The Right Memories Make a Huge Difference
  • Try to slowly gather your characters' recommended end-game 6★ Memory sets
    • You can use lower-rarity placeholders but do not invest in 4★ and lower Memories and don't raise your 5★ Memories higher than level 35
  • Try to make it a habit to utilize your Da Vinci 4-piece set effect right before you burst your enemy down — refer to the Combat Guide for a detailed explanation on how Da Vinci works
  • During the transition phase Memory placement does not matter but try to prioritize the optimal positions as shown in each Character's 【Punishing Pub】 Recommended Memory Sets section
    • Optimal placement becomes relevant once you'll start Hypertuning your Characters/Omniframes' Memories
    • Rule of thumb for Hypertuning is to only Hypertune the bottom row Memories of your very best characters as those Memories raise the ATK stat
  • 5★ Memories to keep are event-exclusive Memories as they're limited and a 2-piece set of Richelieu, Samantha, Gloria, Voltaire, and Lantern Festival: Reunion each — they stack with their 6★ counterparts and Lantern Festival is a very powerful buff-set used even at end-game
    • Prioritize Grid 1-3, as 6★ Memories have a significantly higher ATK value ceiling and are usually placed in Grid 4-6
Einsteina's Elemental Resistance Theory
  • As mentioned above debuffing enemies' Resistances is an important part of maximizing your damage
  • Besides Tanks' Class Passive the Resistance-lowering Memories are a vital element of each team's build
  • Catherine and Voltaire lower Physical Defense
  • Einsteina and Gloria lower Elemental Resistance
    • Gloria lowers all Resistances regardless of her user's damage type but Einsteina requires some research to fully utilize her effect
    • It is important to take note of the damage type Einsteina's user inflicts on QTE/3-Pings as she lowers the corresponding Elemental Resistance only
    • Einsteina does not lower Resistances if her user inflicts Physical damage on QTE, even if their kit contains Elemental damage, like Karenina: Blast ( Fire)
    • Please check which type of damage a Character inflicts on QTE before equipping them with Einsteina
      • If the damage type is mixed ( Physical/ Elemental) then Einsteina will lower the corresesponding Resitance once the Elemental attack hits its target
Maxing Out Your Levels
  • Raise your main team to Level 80; this is important as it is the biggest initial hurdle to Awakening your characters

Level 80+

Awakening Characters
  • Awaken your main Attackers with their recommended Awakening sets
  • Support Characters are lower priority Awakening targets as they tend to enjoy less on-field time
  • Try not to overwrite Resonances to Awaken as many Characters/Omniframes as soon as possible — this is a huge waste of resources and not worth it in the long term
  • Optimally, each Awakened Construct should have their own personal Memory set
  • Support characters, especially those who use Da Vinci, can generally use a shared set
  • 4-piece Hanna (Prioritize Grid 1-3) + 2-piece Cottie (Prioritize Grid 4-6) is another great shared set for Babel Tower and the lower floors of Phantom Pain Cage (such as Test and Elite)

General Daily/Weekly Tips

Operation Guardians
  • Finish your weekly Operation Guardians runs
  • It can be accessed from the Missions menu

  • The board contains various nodes

  • You have 8 Daily Action Points which you can use on the three Patrol Plans in the lower right corner
  • Once a Patrol Plan has been used it will be replaced by a new one and your Portrait will move the respective amount of tiles

    • You will always stop at the Starting Point regardless of the amount of tiles listed on the Patrol Plan
    • Passing the Starting Point will increase your Daily Action Points by one
    • Try to uncover all Unknown Event tiles (?) to plan your Patrol Plan usage accordingly
    • The goal is to finish five Battle Missions, open three Supply Crates, and reach the Abandoned Warehouse three times during the week
    • You'll be able to earn 60 Tickets from each Supply Crate for a total of 180 each week

Why It's Important to Collect Those Blue Tickets
  • After your initial 30 pulls awarded from Beginner's Missions the only way to gather the remaining 10 pulls to hit the S-Rank pity on the Beginner's banner is through Operation Guardians mentioned above, Daily/Event Log-In rewards, and the 1 USD pack in the Top-Up Shop
Game Modes To Do Weekly
Getting Coatings From the Dorm
  • Visit your Dorm, pat your Characters, buy the discounted Coating Sketches, and finish your Dorm dailies — you can craft three random Decors investing only three Decor Coins and recycle them for an easy Daily mission completion
Buy Your Free Shard Daily
  • Buy the daily A-Rank Construct Shard from the shop — the other materials are better farmed directly during Events
Farming Interludes to Evolve A-Rank Characters
  • Try not to farm more than one Interlude Challenge Mode stage (two runs) each day, as the Serum cost can skyrocket quickly while farming multiple Characters/Omniframes' Shards
  • If you've cleared the Challenge Mode stage before, you can Auto Clear it all subsequent times
Dead Days Between Events
  • During lulls between Events, the best resource stages to farm would be Cogs, Overclock Materials, and AE-4/5, in that priority from highest to lowest.
  • During events it is also recommended to catch up on Story and Stronghold maps.
Make Sure to Pull on the Right Banner
  • Always choose the 60-pull-pity, 100% banner (Themed Construct) once new S-Ranks debut — even big spenders don't touch the floating guarantee 80-100-pull-pity banners (Fate Themed Construct)
Unlocking New A-Ranks for Free
  • You can unlock new A-Ranks with their Shards from the respective Event Shop without pulling on their banner, but pulling each new S-Rank is highly advisable
    • Don't forget to raise your new A-Ranks to S-Rank to unlock their Class Passive (Attacker, Tank, Support)
  • Don't overinvest in Uniframes — most of them only start to shine at SSS-Rank and are mainly used within Guild Battles and Project Uniframe.