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QTEs and Choosing the Correct Party Placement
  • Shorthand for "Quick Time Event"
  • Activated when your on-field character uses a 3-Ping which has a color corresponding to the color you set your off-field characters on (in the pre-battle screen); your off-field character's icon will start glowing, letting you know that pressing the "swap character" button will activate their QTE Skill!
  • A mechanic that allows your off-field characters to temporarily enter the field (with full immunity to damage) in order to support your active character
  • Characters who have been summoned onto the field via QTE can receive healing

You can view the details of your character's QTE Skill in the Skills section. Some of them have very useful effects such as lowering the defence of enemies or knocking them away. Learning to use QTEs well and efficiently is key to becoming a good player.

How to Use Da Vinci

Da Vinci is probably the most important 6★ Memory in the game; effectively using Da Vinci is a core part of performing well on any stage.

Here's how it works:

  • Equip a 4-set of Da Vinci to a character you intend to keep off the field
  • Its 4-Piece set bonus is triggered by activating the QTE of the character who has Da Vinci equipped
  • When a Da Vinci-equipped character uses their QTE, the other off-field character's QTE also becomes available for use

It is important to get used to using both QTEs in rapid succession as the key to Da Vinci's damage boost lies in having both non-active Constructs on the field at the same time. By taking advantage of this Memory fully, you'll be able to inflict massive damage in a short space of time.

Example: Lucia: Crimson Abyss has an extremely powerful Core Passive that lets her enter Blade Will Mode, turning her Signal Orbs into powerful, rapid-fire Sword Wave attacks. With the right setup, these attacks can very easily and very quickly decimate Phantom Pain Cage bosses or War Zone enemies. However, she'll need the support of her teammates to achieve such high damage, and that's where Da Vinci comes in.

A short sequencing example would be:
Lucia: Crimson Abyss dodges an enemy's attack, triggering Matrix
➝ Use her free 3-Ping ("Matrix Ping") on a Blue Orb
➝ Activate your Nanami: Storm's QTE, triggering Da Vinci
➝ Immediately activate Karenina: Blast's QTE afterwards
➝ Use any 3-Ping on Lucia: Crimson Abyss to enter Blade Will Mode
➝ Unleash a barrage of Sword Waves into your enemies for maximum profit!

How to Use Einsteina
  • Debuffing enemies' Resistances is an important part of maximizing your damage
  • Besides Tanks' Class Passive the Resistance-lowering Memories are a vital element of each team's build
  • Catherine and Voltaire lower Physical Defense
  • Einsteina and Gloria lower Elemental Resistance
    • Gloria lowers all Resistances regardless of her user's damage type but Einsteina requires some research to fully utilize her effect
    • It is important to take note of the damage type Einsteina's user inflicts on QTE/3-Pings as she lowers the corresponding Elemental Resistance only
    • Einsteina does not lower Resistances if her user inflicts Physical damage on QTE, even if their kit contains Elemental damage, like Karenina: Blast ( Fire)
    • Please check which type of damage a Character inflicts on QTE before equipping them with Einsteina
      • If the damage type is mixed ( Physical/ Elemental) then Einsteina will lower the corresesponding Resitance once the Elemental attack hits its target