Resource Management

What Should I Use my S-Rank Construct Pick on?

Wait until you pull your first S-Rank from Base Construct Research to use your S-Rank Construct Pick in order to avoid duplicates.

What Constructs/Weapons/CUBs Should I Pull For?

The priority should be to increase Construct roster count (and avoid duplicates) as much as possible since some content requires multiple teams. Debut Construct banners have a 100% chance to drop the target Construct when pulling an S-Rank and are the best choice for avoiding duplicates. If pulling for your first S-Rank, event banners for Constructs you need are also viable, since duplicates aren't a concern yet.

Weapons and CUBs are lower priority than Constructs. Since the drop rate for the target Weapon in Target Weapon Research never changes from 80% and the banner never expires, finishing a Construct banner takes precedence over finishing Weapon research. CUB banners work like Construct banners, but CUBs are the lowest priority.

Please consult guides to determine what Constructs, Weapons and CUBs you need.

Should I Pull on "Fate" Banners?

No. Although both the Fate banner and regular banner have the same "S-Rank Construct (including guaranteed)" rate, Fate banners require 20-100 more pulls to reach that guarantee. The banners would give the same results over an infinite number of pulls, but the regular banner gives more consistent results.

Should I "Research x1" or "Research x10"?

Research x10 saves a significant amount of time while Research x1 prevents spending the extra Black Cards that you would after pulling the target in the middle of a Research x10. Keep in mind that pull counts for most banners carry over to the next banner of the same type. However, maintaining a higher Black Card balance allows more safety for unforeseen expenditures (e.g. a coating gacha not following the schedule of other servers).

Does My Pull Count Carry Over to the Next Banner?

Should I Level Up 5★ Memories?

Typically, only Gloria, Voltaire, and Lantern Festival: Reunion see use in complete builds. If you're having difficulty with content but don't have access to 6★ memories, consider investing in the aforementioned memories first.


What Makes a Good QTE Character?

Tanks in general reduce elemental resistance/defense on QTE hits. Additionally, memory sets such as Chen Jiyuan and Bathlon have a percent chance to trigger an effect on hit and work well with QTEs that hit many times, such as that of Lucia: Lotus. Einsteina and Catherine further reduce elemental resistance/defense on QTE hit.