Black Spider

Black Spider

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Mβ-I007
Production Type: Mass-production
Primary Use: Military

Era of Manufacture: A machine produced during the early Golden Age, marginally more advanced than its alpha build.

Intelligence Level: This machine has the lowest-level intelligence of all Golden Age products. Possesses only a single function.

Profile 1: It uses its compound eyes to scan the nearby environment, thus allowing it to determine when it has reached its target destination. After arrival, it immediately initiates its self-destruction command. After becoming a Corrupted, its eyes were repurposed for detecting human presence. It is able to achieve a 360° rotational field view, an ability that the Jitterbomb is incapable of.

Profile 2: When inactive, it disables its explosive function and changes into a disk-like form for convenient transportation, only re-expanding upon reactivation. Its internal fission reactor is protected by a thick metal casing to prevent premature detonation from enemy ranged attacks.

Story 1: Military-use insect-like explosive robot designed for blasting. It crawls along the battlefield towards a preset destination. It is an upgraded version of the Jitterbomb with enhanced firepower and camouflage.

Enemy Traits
Primary: Melee

Gameplay Information


  • Self-Destruct: Explodes. Deals heavy damage in a radial pattern with itself at the center.

Notes and Advice

This enemy is primarily summoned by Riot.

It will only attack when in range of a player character. Players are advised to dispatch it from a distance when possible.

Players who wish to unlock their complete Codex entry can farm three Black Spiders in Camu: Crocotta's Interlude stage "Incinerate". They are located in the small alley to the right after crossing the bridge. Simply dodging through the area should trigger their self-destruction move.