Lee: Palefire/Voice

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Member of Gray Raven. Somewhat aloof in manner. Good at computers and machines, he is responsible for Gray Raven’s hardware and technical issues. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (60%) Fire (40%) 50%


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Chris Hackney 夏侯落枫
Xia Hou Luo Feng
Hyun2 Wai3
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Construct joins
So you're the Commandant, huh... Just don't do anything stupid.
Level up
A most obvious thing.
Not bad. I feel like I'll grow stronger.
Passable. But there's still room for improvement.
Improve skill
Let's make good use of this activity pattern.
Equip weapon
Hmmm... Quite ergonomic. Nice.
Add to team
Good choice.
Set as leader
Leading the team? I'm more than qualified.
Mission complete 1
There's a reward. Go get it.
Mission complete 2
Earn rewards by completing missions... You know that, right?
General greeting 1
Strategy and tactics are two different things... Not that you'd understand.
General greeting 2
I prefer not to engage myself in conflicts.
General greeting 3
Morning. Are your battle preparations done?
General greeting 4
Get some rest, or you won't last 'til the afternoon operations.
General greeting 5
Apparently, humans without enough rest at night have a higher rate of hair loss.
General greeting 6
I ran some tests on the Corrupted yesterday. I'll show you later.
General greeting 7
Rest is optional for Constructs.
General greeting 8
I'm not just your average data jockey. I can fight as well.
General greeting 9
Don't worry too much about us. You're much more important.
General greeting 10
I am designed to be rational. So sometimes I may not be able to keep up with your logic. Do just tell me what you mean directly.
General greeting 11
Staying in this squad was the best decision I've ever made.
General greeting 12
I hope all humans are like you, but I also wish for you to be unique.
General greeting 13
In your service, I am unstoppable.
General greeting 14
I do not make promises, but all my actions are devoted to giving you a future.
Affection up 1
You like like you can handle yourself in a fight.
Affection up 2
I might go a bit easier on you if you manage to survive the next battle.
Affection up 3
I can't complain. You're easier to deal with than the last commandant.
Affection up 4
Remember, this is only so we can fight better.
Affection up 5
Okay, okay. "We're getting along." I get it.
Affection up 6
Aren't those... tricks what you perform on humans? Why are you using it all on me...?
Affection up 7
Thicker than blood, huh?
Affection up 8
Am I the only one that's this close to you?
Idle 1
Commandant, you're not neglecting your duties, are you?
Idle 2
Where is the Commandant...? Slacking off?
Idle 3
Idle hands are the devil's workshop, Commandant.
Idle 4
Do I really have to fetch you myself?
Extended connection 1
Extended mind linking can place undue stress on the nervous system. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Extended connection 2
We've been linked for ages. Don't you need some rest?
Extended connection 3
You are not like us. Extended mind linking can overwhelm your system. Take some time out.
Extended connection 4
Don't push yourself. Extended mind linking will cause you harm. How many times do I have to tell you?
Connection made 1
Ready for a new day of operations, Commandant?
Connection made 2
There you are! Let us begin by analyzing those Corrupted samples we collected yesterday.
Connection made 3
You're here. I have the entire day. What do you have planned?
Connection made 4
I wasn't waiting for you.
Extended offline time 1
Did that mission really have to take you so long?
Extended offline time 2
You've been gone a long time...
Extended offline time 3
Heh, guess you still remember me? I haven't seen you for ages.
Extended offline time 4
You've been gone a long time... I thought you'd never come back... Anyway, good to see you.
Shake 1
What are you--!?
Shake 2
Don't be so childish...!
Shake 3
... You done yet?
Shake 4
You never get bored of this, do you?
Quick tap 1
That's enough!
Quick tap 2
Did you get hit on the head or something!?
Quick tap 3
I fail to comprehend what you find interesting in this.
Quick tap 4
You just wait. When I meet you for real, I'll poke you right back.
Activity at max
Max activity. Remember to claim your reward.
Battle starts
Perfect as always.
Teammate returns
Good. You came back alive.
Battle 1
No one can escape my shots.
Battle 2
Hah, still trying to run?
Battle 3
I'd advise giving up.
Your fate converges to the same end.
Tsk... Not bad...
This isn't going well...
Knocked out
Don't be afraid... I won't...
Don't worry, I'm here.
Your orders, please.
Battle over
Perfect as always.
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