Lee: Palefire/Secrets

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Member of Gray Raven. Somewhat aloof in manner. Good at computers and machines, he is responsible for Gray Raven’s hardware and technical issues. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (60%) Fire (40%) 50%


Palefire's Secret 1

Often driven to take apart and study the things he likes.

Palefire's Secret 2

He relaxes by quickly disassembling heavy firearms.

Palefire's Secret 3

He is a good tailor.

Palefire's Secret 4

He has studied the styles and forms of human formal wear.

Palefire's Secret 5

Has mixed thoughts about being called "Brother".

Palefire's Secret 6

His radar performance is second only to Liv, but he has no sense of direction.

Palefire's Secret 7

Interested in human electronic entertainment, but gave it up after hearing that Kamui likes it.

Palefire's Secret 8

Believes his style of machine assembly and disassembly is "academic," while Nanami's is "purely impulsive."

Palefire's Secret 9

Sometimes adds useless features to weapons, such as can openers.

Palefire's Secret 10

But has never shown these new features to anyone.

Palefire's Secret 11

Through precise calculations, the possibility of Lee stylishly juggling a gun in the air and failing to catch it is 0.372%.

Palefire's Secret 12

Has a habit of digitizing important matters.

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Character List
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