Spiral of Chronos

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Patch Summary


Gameplay Changes

New Mode: Arcade Anima
  • A new mode composed of story episodes and challenge stages. Designed to provide additional insight to the adventures and growth of characters who have not had much chance to appear in the Main Story lately.
  • Characters added in this version: Alpha (required frame- Lucia: Crimson Abyss), Watanabe (required frame- Watanabe: Nightblade)
  • Notable Rewards: Event Construct R&D Tickets (250 per character; rewarded upon the completion of story episodes), Trade Vouchers, character icon, new Pose animation and voicelines for the character, chat sticker.
    • Note: Accessing the challenge stages of Arcade Anima requires you to have acquired the character’s designated frame. In addition, the designated frame must be included as a party member when attempting the challenge stages. Fulfilling certain objectives related to the character (e.g. Ultima Awaken, reach 4 in Affection Level, etc.) will grant them mode-exclusive buffs.
  • The story episodes of the Arcade Anima can be accessed without any restrictions.
Phantom Pain Cage: New Bosses


  • The [Collection] section has been added to your mailbox. Event mails and birthday mails will now be kept safe in the [Collection] section. No more worries about your most precious letters expiring!
  • You can now hold down the upgrade button to bulk upgrade CUB skills.
  • The Commandant’s Birthday event has been updated with a brand-new story, mails, and gifts. Happy Birthday, Commandant! You can read the previous version of the event from the Codex.
  • The Guild interface has been updated with an assortment of new exciting functions:
    • [Fortune Machine]: Check your daily luck by interacting with the machine and receive a small gift!
    • The Guild Leader can now switch between the old and new interface.
    • Simulated Siege and its corresponding Weekly Missions now give out a new currency, [Cooperation Merit]. [Cooperation Merit] can be exchanged for Bureau scenes, and music for your in-game music player.
  • A new Daily Mission [Command Bureau: Fortune Machine] has been added to [Daily] - [Missions]. Interact with the [Fortune Machine] to receive an extra Serum Bundle β (M).

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