BC Cost of Evolution

S-Rank Omniframe

This chart is going off of Initially Obtaining the S-Character starting at 15,000 on Pity. Each Copy obtained after will net you 30 Shards.

Phantom Pain Scar can be traded for up to 30 Inver-Shards belonging to a chosen character in the Phantom Pain Shop. In other words, you can Evolve an S-Rank Omniframe to SS-Rank for FREE. We highly recommend doing this where possible. This removes +1 copy from your total.

Rank Shards Needed Shards Total Copies Cumulative Cost PPC
Base S 0 0 +1 15,000 15,000
S5 15 +15 +2 30,000 15,000 [1]
SS 30 +30 +2 30,000 15,000 [2]
SS3 27 +57 +3 45,000 30,000
SSS 90 +120 +5 75,000 60,000
SSS3 54 +174 +7 105,000 90,000
SSS6 108 +228 +9 135,000 120,000
SSS+ 180 +300 +11 180,000 165,000


[1][2] 15,000 + 30 PPC shards get you to SS free

A-Rank Omniframe

A-rank Omniframes can be unlocked by pulling them from the gacha. The first time a character is obtained this way will unlock the Omniframe. Additional pulls of the same Omniframe will instead be converted into 18 Inver-Shards which can be used to increase the frame’s rank. Alternatively, A-rank Omniframes can be unlocked by obtaining 30 of their Inver-Shards through other means.

During an A-rank Omniframe debut patch, the Event Shop allows players to buy 30 Inver-Shards of that frame by spending Event Currency. In other words, players can unlock a debut A-Rank Omniframe for FREE. This is a free option to unlock the character for players low on Black Cards or Basic Construct R&D Tickets. TwoInver-Shards of an A-Rank Omniframe can also be obtained per day by clearing their Character Shard mission

It is highly recommended to pull a character and utilize the 30 Inver-Shards from the Event Shop to rank up the Omniframe to S if you can spare the Event Currency. This allows for a quick rank-up for those who want to use the Omniframe and is overall a cheaper alternative to pulling multiple copies. See the notes below for more details!

This chart displays the number of shards required to rank-up an Omniframe from A to SSS+ and the associated cost in Black Cards for gacha pulls. The column on the far right is the cost if you have obtained the Omniframe through gacha and purchased their Inver-Shards from the Event Shop. All costs assume that an Omniframe is obtained at the maximum pity of 10 pulls.

Rank Shards Needed Shards Total[1] Copies Cumulative Cost[2] 30 Event Shards
Base A 0 0 1 2,500 2,500
S 20 +20 +2 7,500 2,500[3]
S5 15 +35 +2 7,500 5,000[4]
SS 15 (30 from S) +50 +3 10,000 5,000[5]
SS3 27 +77 +5 15,000 10,000
SSS 63 (90 from SS) +140 +8 22,500 17,500
SSS3 54 +194 +11 30,000 25,000
SSS6 54 (108 from SSS) +248 +14 37,500 32,500
SSS+ 72 (180 from SSS) +320 +18 47,500 42,500


[1] Subtract 30 Shards if they were purchased from the Event Shop and any shards farmed with Serum
[2] Subtract 2,500 if the character was unlocked via 30 Shards from the Event Shop
[3] 2,500 for the initial character + 30 Shards from the Event Shop is enough for S-rank
[4] S-Rank + 1 additional copy is enough to get S5-Rank
[5] S5-Rank + 2 shards for 60 Serum is enough to get SS-Rank.

It is not worth spending Black Cards specifically on an A-Rank Omniframe aside from the 2 recommended copies. 2 copies is enough to easily obtain SS-Rank with the 30 Inver-Shards available from the Event Shop. These two copies should ideally be obtained by spending Basic Construct R&D Tickets that can be saved up by completing Operation Guardians and from other sources instead of spending Black Cards. Players will also naturally get additional copies of A-Rank Omniframes over time as they pull for S-Rank Omniframes. Players also have the option of spending Serum to rank up their favourite A-Ranks over time instead of spending Black Cards.


This chart is going off of Initially Obtaining the S-Uniframe starting at 2,500 on Pity. Each Copy obtained after will net you 18 Shards.

United Achievement Points can be traded for up to 30 Inver-Shards belonging to a chosen character in the Guild Shop. In other words, you can Evolve an S-Rank Uniframe to SS-Rank for FREE. We highly recommend doing this where possible. This removes +1 copy from your total.

Rank Shards Needed Shards Total Copies Cumulative Cost Guild
Base S 0 0 +1 2,500 2,500
S5 15 +38 +2 5,000 2,500 [1]
SS 30 +56 +3 7,500 2,500 [2]
SS3 27 +92 +5 12,500 7,500
SSS 90 +144 +8 20,000 15,000
SSS3 54 +216 +11 27,500 22,500
SSS6 108 +228 +14 35,000 30,000
SSS+ 180 +300 +18 45,000 40,000


[1][2] 15,000 + 30 Shards from Guild Shop get you to SS free

Evolution System Expanded

In the future, PGR will use a new version of upgrade system that builds upon an already established system with Evolution Ranks. The current system as we know is detailed here Rank.

Its very simple, you collect shards from character duplicates to obtain small bonuses like additional HP or ATK. When you've obtained enough shards to reach a threshold, for example at S-Rank, collecting an additional 30 shards will allow you to Evolve into SS-Rank! This allows you to unlock the Rank Passive for that character, further enhancing their abilities!

While the system alone is ok, it somewhat punishes you for not fully committing into the next Rank up. In the case of you pull for an S-Character on debut and got lucky with 3 duplicates. You will have the character, then the additional 2 duplicates will be converted into 60 shards. 30 Shards are needed to reach SS rank, leaving you with 30 shards remaining. You can also obtain 30 shards through Phantom Pain Cage . Netting you a total of 60 shards after you've hit SS rank.

However your now left with a decision, Do you spend another 15,000 to obtain one more duplicate to reach SSS rank? If you choose not to, you lose out on having that SSS passive and will have to wait until another banner comes around to grab your remaining 30 shards to reach SSS.

What this scenario has created was a situation where if you are stuck in the middle, you are losing out on more power by staying in between ranks SS and SSS with very little benefits. However this is where the new and improved Evolution system comes in to remedy that loss of power.


New Evolution System

This new system will allow you to obtain passives in between Ranks S>SS>SSS>SSS+. In the event you cannot fully commit to reaching SS or SSS, you will still enjoy some passives that are available in those ranks so long as you can meet the shard requirement.

Every Construct released after A New Divide will enjoy this new Evolution system. Starting with Karenina: Scire, as the debut Omniframe for that patch. Lets look at one of her passive abilities and we'll explain how to understand it.


Karenina: Scire will have additional passives within her Ranks. Starting with S-Rank, she has 1 additional passive you can obtain before you reach SS-Rank


The "S5" is a two parter distinction that you will have to achieve to enjoy this passive. The first half is "S", meaning you will need to reach S-Rank to fulfill the first half of the requirement. Since Radiant Daybreak is an S-Character, Initially obtaining her will automatically have you start out at S-rank!

The second requirement is "5" meaning how many nodes you need to have unlocked in her Evolution via with shards of course!


At S-Rank, each node requires 3 shards to unlock. with 5 nodes needed, we will need a total of 15 shards to unlock the "S5" passive! Even if you don't have enough shards to reach the next rank of SS, you can still obtain some handy passives for your character.

If you had pulled for a second copy of Karenina: Scire, or purchased 30 shards from the Phantom Pain Cage shop. You will hit SS-Rank, obtaining any "in-between" passive along the way.


That is the very simple explanation of the new Evolution system. Feel free to check out Karenina: Scire or any other constructs released after her for all their passives. We will now show an easy to understand chart of how much shards and costs associated with obtaining specific ranks with the new system!


One more Important detail before you review the chart. Each Rank has a different shard requirement for each node.


- S-Rank requires 3 shards per node

- SS-Rank requires 9 shards per node

- SSS-Rank requires 18 shards per node

We have calculated everything into this nifty chart for your convenience!