Play Punishing: Gray Raven on PC!


GRAY RAVENS is teaming up with LDPlayer to help bring Punishing: Gray Raven to your PC!
You can download LDPlayer with our affiliate link HERE.

We're really excited to introduce a collaboration with a product that is relevant to how we play PGR. Thank you all for supporting the work we do on GRAY RAVENS!

Introduction to PGR

Punishing Gray Raven is an ultra-stylish action RPG game developed by Kuro Technology, and has ruled the hardcore combat gaming world for a year now with the most epic fights against punishing foes infected with a deadly virus. The unique story is set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the hubris of mankind, with players deploying their squads into fast, adrenaline-pumping combat to win hard-earned, satisfying victories in the real-time 3D battles accompanied by banger soundtracks. There will be some explorations as well as emotional moments to deal with, as everything will revolve around the battles.

It has been the hype for many global players after the release of the global version, and now, enhance your Punishing Gray Raven gaming experience further through the strengths of a PC. LDPlayer 9 has been introduced with the best features for the Punishing Gray Raven experience, with the latest android kernel 9, personalized optimizations, faster game processing to make the gameplay better, smoother and more precise than ever before.

PC emulation makes PGR shine and is the best way to take the gorgeous screenshots you've been seeing on our Gallery pages. If you're having troubles with Babel Tower and Norman on mobile, LDPlayer will give you your choice of keyboard + mouse or controller for a more comfortable experience.

LDPlayer 9 Improvements to Punishing: Gray Raven

Keyboard Mapping

The Keyboard Mapping feature is also doing the best for your gameplay here as it can create personalized key controls for your game. Do you have sweaty hands that make it troublesome to press the right button at the right moment? Your fingers are too big and your phone screen too small? Sweat no more! Use keyboard & mouse or a controller to become the master of your own combat, as now you are free to be fluent in your own way for the controls.

Low Resources Usage

Being a stylish, action RPG 3D game, Punishing Gray Raven by itself has been very well optimized, coupled with LDPlayer 9 optimization features in the form of recommended settings and definitions. That's right: low-end PC users, rejoice! LDPlayer 9 is low resource-usage, and you will be able to operate Punishing Gray Raven in the fastest way.

Whether you are attacking, using skills, or dodging a devastating boss attack, regardless of how flashy the environment is, you need not fear any game-ending stuttering that will ruin your entire effort in battle anymore. Focus instead on enemies' patterns and orbs usage, because you have the smoothest gaming experience offered.

Improved Quality, Screenshots & Recording

If on the other hand, you have a decent gaming rig, you will be able to experience Punishing Gray Raven to the fullest. Crank up all those settings, get into the game and prepare to be wowed by the effects. If you are a game content creator, or just want to make the occasional videos, LDPlayer 9 is also perfect for all your footage recording needs! Stream the gameplay and let your audience be captivated by all the flashy moves, attacks & skills!

You’ve just won a hard battle and need to record this moment of domination over the boss? Screenshot! You’ve topped the leaderboard (or at least that guy above who you have a friendly rivalry with) and need to show your score to the whole world? Screenshot! Your character ended the battle with an impressive pose and skill? That’s right, screenshot! Built-in Screenshots & Operation recording features are all there in LDPlayer 9, with everything captured available at your preferred storage folder.

Multi instances

Are you an illustrious guild leader with multiple accounts to watch over your many guilds and members? Or perhaps you are too tired of the hassle of looking for active students and decided to take matters into your own hand in the form of a one-man-student-army? With the Multi-Instance Sync feature offered by the LDPlayer 9, we got your needs covered!

Custom Macros & Automatic Loop for Repeating Procedures

Are you too tired of the process of manual upgrading all your characters and memories? Keyboard Macros & Operation Recorder options have got your back with one key for all repeating actions, or write a series of commands to be performed automatically as a loop.

Say goodbye to manual labor! Work smart, not hard! The future is now: press a single button to hit the level up button a million times (just try not to run out of resources first)!

Download LDPlayer 9 today, venture forth and take Earth back Commandants!