Aeon Reforged

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Patch Summary


Gameplay Changes

  • [Derived From Matrix] changes:
    • New Memory sets have been added.
    • Several stages have been adjusted. The difficulty of both the Normal and Hard Mode has been lowered. Extra rewards have been added to some shop stages.
  • Phantom Pain Cage changes:
    • When selecting between Advanced or Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage, the lineup of bosses for each difficulty will be shown.
    • An interface showing the ranking and rewards information has been added. The player’s progress for each boss is now displayed under the boss’s image.
    • From Monday to Friday, players can now challenge Phantom Pain Cage bosses up to 5 times a day.
    • From Saturday to Sunday, players can now challenge Phantom Pain Cage bosses up to 15 times a day.
    • Upon completing a battle, players will now be returned to the difficulty selection screen of the previously challenged boss.
  • Completing a character’s trial event will now also complete the character’s tutorial stage in Celica’s Class and vice versa, allowing players to obtain rewards from both activities at once.
  • The effect of [Lamia: Lost Lullaby]’s [Core Passive - Drowned Conformation] has been adjusted. She will now gain Super Armor and DMG Reduction effects when pinging a Tidal Orb or Deluge Orb consecutively after a Blue 3-Ping or Yellow 3-Ping.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • A new Guild background, [Sky Island], has been added.
  • Players may now choose characters to pin in the characters interface. Pinned characters will appear at the top of the list.
  • Players may now open and close the window showing a character’s equipped memories by swiping.
  • New poses for Kamui: Bastion have been added.
  • Coating presets have been added. Players may now create presets of a character’s coating and weapon coating. In addition, an option to randomly change into a random set of coatings upon switching the assistant in the lobby screen or exiting combat has been added.

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