Blazing Simulacrum

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Patch Summary


Gameplay Changes

  • The daily task reminder system has been added.
  • When combining CUBs, players may now preview their skills.
  • [Clash Reflection] mode has been updated:
    • [Pseudo-Inverse Zone] has been added. [Heterogenous Zone] has been taken out of the rotation and added to [Spill Point].
    • One-time rewards for clearing stages in [Clash Reflection] are separate for each Zone.
    • In [Spill Point], players may challenge the Zones that have been taken out of the rotation. Although completing the Zones in [Spill Point] does not grant [Creator’s Tokens], one-time rewards for clearing stages can still be acquired. Any stage clear progress made before the Zone is taken out of the rotation will carry over to the [Spill Point].
    • Players may now change team member position, team leader, and CUBs between [Clash Reflection] stages.
    • When a round of [Clash Reflection] ends, any ongoing challenges will now be automatically settled and the number of [Creator’s Tokens] acquired in the challenge so far will be accumulated.
    • In all Zones of [Clash Reflection], an enrage timer has been added to the 14th (final) stage. The time limit for the 14th stage has been changed to 10 minutes.
      Enrage: 90 seconds after the stage begins, all characters will gradually lose their Energy. The character currently on the battlefield will lose their HP every second. The Energy and HP loss effect will become greater as more time passes.

Miscellaneous Changes

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