Cradle Parade

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Patch Summary


Gameplay Changes

  • 100% rate-up for Basic Construct R&D has been added.
    • This feature is permanent, but available only once per account.
    • Players may designate an S-rank Omniframe of their choice as the 100% rate-up target for Basic Construct R&D.
    • Once the player acquires the designated S-rank Omniframe, the rate-up will expire.
    • Any S-rank Omniframe currently available in the Basic Construct R&D pool may be designated as the 100% rate-up target. New Omniframes will periodically be added to the Basic Construct R&D pool. As of Cradle Parade, No.21: Feral Scent and any S-rank Omniframes released before her are available.
  • New episode of Arcade Anima.
  • New Mode: Derived from Matrix
    • The third permanent mode for the [Multidimensional Simulations] category. Can you make your way through the fog and reach the finale?
    • Players may choose a difficulty level before beginning the simulation. Once chosen, the difficulty level cannot be changed until the simulation ends. Higher difficulty levels grant more [Memory Units].
    • Players can receive various rewards by accumulating [Memory Units].
  • The Boss rotation for the Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage has been updated:
    • Group α: [Qu] moved to the Outlier Zone; [ER04 Boss] added (weakness: Physical).
    • Group β: [Sharkspeare] moved to the Outlier Zone; [ER01 Boss] added (weakness: none).
    • Group γ: [Pterygota Queen] moved to the Outlier Zone; [Chapter 23 Boss] added (weakness: Dark).
  • Guild Expedition: Season 4 is available during Cradle Parade.


  • The character UI has been updated. In addition, players can now swap weapon resonance effects before entering battle.
  • The story UI has been updated.
  • A confirmation window will now pop up when attempting to perform [Weapon Harmonization].
  • While Time Lag Calculation is triggered, the combo counter will no longer expire.
  • The Rigidness effect applied by Frost Oath’s active skills is now affected by Time Lag Calculation.
  • The effect of Alisa: Echo’s Core Passive - Joint Attack: Requiescat has been adjusted. The attack will now imprison enemies after pulling them in.
  • The bug in which the duration of Karenina: Scire's passive effect Thermal Field is still reduced while Time Lag Calculation is active has been fixed.

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