Everglowing Justice

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Patch Summary


A note on Alisa: Echo and her banner

  • On CN, Alisa: Echo’s banner is scheduled to begin an hour after the patch drops instead of a day later.
  • 50 Alisa: Echo Shards are available for exchange at the Dispatch shop in the Dormitory.

Gameplay Changes

  • A new type of weapon upgrade, [Weapon Harmonization] has been added.
    • Commandants whose level is 80 or above can upgrade 6-star weapons through Harmonization by consuming [Harmonization Accelerator].
    • Upon reaching Harmonization Level 1, [Special Support Token] can be consumed to bind a Memory to the weapon. During combat, it will count as if you are equipping 2 additional copies of the bound Memory.
  • New Permanent Mode: [Clash Reflection]
    • Defeat consecutive waves of enemies to obtain [Weapon Harmonization] materials!
    • There are two difficulty levels: High-level Computation Zone (Commandant Level 90¬120) and Low-level Computation Zone (Commandant Level 80¬89).
    • Players face 14 consecutive battles. Characters’ HP and Energy carry over between battles.
    • [Creator’s Tokens] are accumulated upon successfully completing a battle. Accumulated [Creator’s Tokens] can be collected by completing all 14 battles or resetting the challenge.
    • Upon resetting and completing battles again, players may still accumulate [Creator’s Tokens]. Thus, players who find it difficult to defeat all enemies can obtain [Creator’s Tokens] by resetting and attempting the battles multiple times.
    • Each round of [Clash Reflection] lasts 14 days. At the beginning of a new round, the number of accumulated [Creator’s Tokens] will be reset. Each round will feature a new lineup of enemies.
    • Rewards from accumulating [Creator’s Tokens] and completing challenges will be reset every round. However, achievement rewards from defeating different enemies in the [Clash Reflection] mode may only be acquired once.
  • The Rewards for Phantom Pain Cage have been adjusted.
    • Rankings have been removed from Basic and Intermediate Phantom Pain Cage. Players will instead receive rewards upon reaching certain total score thresholds.

For the Basic difficulty:

Total Score Phantom Pain Scar
17,500 4
52,500 4
122,500 4
210,000 4
322,500 3
435,000 3
550,000 3

For the Intermediate difficulty:

Total Score Phantom Pain Scar
25,000 65
75,000 65
175,000 65
300,000 5
450,000 5
625,000 5
800,000 4
  • New tiers have been added to Advanced and Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage rankings. In addition, the ranking rewards now give out more Phantom Pain Scars.


Tier Advanced Ultimate
1% 48 56
1%-5% 42 50
5%-10% 36 44
10%-30% 30 38
30%-100% 24 32


Tier Advanced Ultimate
1% 48 66
1%-5% 42 60
5%-10% 36 54
10%-30% 30 48
30%-50% 28 44
50%-70% 26 38
70%-100% 24 32
  • In Norman Revival Plan Pioneer Battle, [Cover Tactic] stages may now be automatically completed upon fulfilling certain conditions.
  • Auto-completion feature for resource farming stages has been optimized. The game now automatically selects the maximum number of attempts based on how much serum the player currently has.


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