Sands of Wrath

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Patch Summary


Gameplay Changes

  • [Adventure Mode] has been added to Recitativo di Fantasia. In [Adventure Mode], you will not encounter story scenes and events, and you will not be able to complete certain missions. ([Adventure Mode] unlock condition: Complete Ending V: The Name of Iris)
  • From ER05 and onwards, playing ER chapter stages will no longer consume serum. You will still be able to obtain first-time clear rewards. Following this change, the auto-complete feature for these stages has been removed.


  • The [Remake] feature that allows you to remake individual dorm furniture has been added.
  • The [Quick Production] feature that allows you to quickly produce missing items from the dorm template of your choice has been added.
  • The fourth base has been added to the dorm; up to 6 more rooms may be additionally unlocked.
  • You may now purchase dorm blueprints directly while in the decoration mode.
  • Optimized the appearance of the R&D Research pool target selection UI. Filter options are added.

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