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Global Patch Notes

Official Patch Notes


May 18th 2022, 02:00 - 09:00 am (UTC)




1. New Constructs

1) Luna: Laurel

Info: S-Rank, Dark/Physical, Attacker

  • 100% rate up in [Member Focus Research] during 5/19/22, 08:00 - 6/23/22, 07:59 (UTC).

2. New 6★ Weapons

1) Ozma (6★, Luna: Laurel Exclusive)

Weapon Skill: Dark DMG increases by 15%, and the 4th spine of Annihilation Orb will produce additional 100% of ranged Dark DMG.

  • 80% rate up in [Target Weapon Research] since 5/19/22, 08:00.

3. New Weapon Coatings

1) Thorn Aria (Amplifier coating)
  • Discount Period: 5/19/22, 08:00 - 7/4/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)

4. New Construct Coatings

1) Wispthorn (Luna: Laurel)
Discount Period: 5/19/22, 08:00 - 7/4/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 168 RC (30% off)
  • The Construct Coating Wispthorn will enter the regular Coating Shop (Coating: Rainbow Card) in the future.
2) Grace (Bianca: Veritas)
Event Period: 6/18/22, 08:00 - 7/2/22, 08:00 (UTC)
  • The Construct Coating Grace can be obtained through time-limited lucky draw event Heavenly Gift.
3) Florescence (Liv: Lux)
Event Period: 5/18/22, 02:00 - 7/4/22, 06:59 (UTC)
  • The Construct Coating Florescence can be obtained through time-limited lucky draw event Backlight Matrix for free.


1) Main Chapter 13: Fake Ascension

Event Duration: 5/18/22 (after maintenance) – 7/14/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Fake Ascension features a DnD-like adventurous gameplay. Commandants may explore a digitized world with a connector team, overcome various obstacles by deducing with the help of connectors’ abilities, and find the true ending of the story. Reaching exploration milestones will reward you with considerable Black Cards and basic cultivation materials. Finishing side missions will also reward you with special collectibles.

2) New Interlude for Luna: Laurel

Duration: 5/18/22 (after maintenance) – 7/4/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • New Interlude for Luna: Laurel is available to all Commandants during the event.
  • After the event, Commandants will have to obtain Construct Luna: Laurel to access the content.


1) Abyss of X

Duration: 5/18/22 (after maintenance) – 7/4/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Abyss of X has 5 chapters, each chapter has a different opening time and comes with 2 stages that drop Hetero-Creature Sample and Memories. Commandants may clear the stages repeatedly to obtain stage EXP that can upgrade the Authority Level (Authority Level: grants stats bonuses that only apply to Abyss of X stages).

2) Hetero-Creature Institute

Duration: 5/18/22 (after maintenance) – 7/5/22, 01:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Use event token Hetero-Creature Sample to redeem rewards in the Hetero-Creature Institute.
  • New 6★ Construct Memory set: Flamel.
  • Other materials include: Bipolar Crystal, Chinese Wall, Chinese Underframe, basic cultivation materials.

3) Backlight Matrix

Duration: 5/18/22 (after maintenance) - 7/4/22, 06:59 (UTC)
  • Commandants may redeem Bipolar Crystal in the event shop Hetero-Creature Institute and use them in Backlight Matrix Research to draw for various rewards. Every 20 draws will guarantee a special reward. For detailed event rules, please refer to in-game information.

Special rewards include:

1. Liv: Lux SFX coating Florescence * 1

2. Player Portrait Florescence * 1

3. Levi-Gun weapon coating Caldwell - 49 * 1

4. Construct Liv: Lux * 1

4) Coating Preview


  • Florescence (Liv: Lux): 5/18/22 (after maintenance) – 7/4/22, 06:59 (UTC)
  • Wispthorn (Luna: Laurel): 5/19/22, 08:00 – 7/4/22, 07:59 (UTC)

Coating preview stages will be open as each coating becomes available.

5) 7-Day Login Rewards

Duration: 5/18/22 (after maintenance) - 6/1/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

  • Login for a total of 7 days to obtain rewards including Basic Construct R&D Tickets, Serum Bundle β (M) and Hypertune materials.

6) Refraction

Duration: 5/19/22, 08:00 - 6/23/22, 07:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Refraction is the teaching mode for Luna: Laurel, in which Commandants may learn about the basic operation techniques of Luna: Laurel. Clearing teaching stages will unlock corresponding Ascension Files, and finishing various tasks will also grant you other rewards.

7) KI. GAL Archives – False Words

Duration: 5/25/22, 07:00 - 6/22/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • KI. GAL Archives – False Words is a game mode in which you may use digitized constructs to engage in virtual fights. Infinite possibilities lie beyond numerous team compositions. Challenge highly difficult stages to obtain rare rewards!
  • Commandants may recruit digitized constructs in the game mode. Recruit attempts refresh over time and have an upper limit, and the constructs’ abilities would be enhanced as their ranks increase.
  • Challenge through normal stages for basic cultivation materials as rewards. Nightmare Mode will also be available after Ordinary Mode has been cleared. Each cleared nightmare stage would grant you a rare collectible as a reward, which can be accumulated to upgrade the quality of the collectible.

8) Memory Rescue - Return

Duration: 5/25/22, 02:00 - 9/15/22, 02:00 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Memory Rescue – Return opens in 3 phases, with each phase featuring 2 groups of stages, each group consisting of 10 challenge stages.
  • Complete challenge stages to obtain Black Cards as rewards. Each completed group of stages will also reward a 6★ Memory Flamel. Complete all 3 phases of stages to obtain an entire set of 6★ Memory Flamel.

9) Temp Imbalance

Duration: 5/29/22, 07:00 - 6/20/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Casual multiplayer game mode. Participate in Crabsgiving Day stages and finish daily quests to obtain Kuroro Cleaner Prototype. Collect certain amounts of Kuroro Cleaner Prototype to obtain Hypertune materials and a special collectible as rewards.

10) Derivant Verse

Duration: 6/2/22, 07:00 - 6/20/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Assemble all commandants of Babylonia to defeat the unprecedented powerful enemy in Derivant Verse. Challenge the enemy to obtain Hetero-Creature Sample. As the enemy’s HP dip below certain milestones, all commandants of Babylonia will be rewarded with Basic Weapon R&D Tickets and 6★ Weapon Resonance Materials.
  • This game mode is time-limited. It will become unavailable after the event period.

11) Heavenly Gift

Duration: 6/18/22, 08:00 - 7/2/22, 08:00 (UTC)
  • Commandants may purchase Holy Hymn in the Top-up store and use them in Heavenly Gift Research to draw for various rewards. Every 10 draws will guarantee a special reward. For detailed event rules, please refer to in-game information.
  • Special rewards include:

1. Bianca: Veritas SFX coating Grace * 1

2. Player Portrait Grace * 1

3. Bow weapon coating White Acclaim * 1

4. Target Weapon R&D Ticket * 2500

5. Event Construct R&D Ticket * 2500

12) Simulated Torrent

Duration: 6/22/22, 08:00 - 6/30/22, 08:00 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Simulated Torrent features a series of highly challenging stages under 5 levels of difficulty. Commandants may use unlocked Constructs to complete objectives while clearing the stages to obtain Black Cards and a Collectible as rewards.

13) Mentorship System

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

  • Mentorship System is a new assistance program developed by F.O.S. Military Command College for newly appointed commandants. It aims at allowing experienced veteran commandants to lead and guide newly appointed commandants by sharing combat experience and cooperating in training.
  • After the update, commandants above Lv.80 will be automatically assigned with Military Mentor identities, and commandants between Lv.20 and Lv.80 will be automatically assigned with Student identities. Students and Military Mentors may finish various Guide Missions to obtain considerable rewards, and a special collectible will also be awarded to Military Mentors.
  • For further information, please check out in-game rules.


1) New Added

1. Added Switch Scene feature and Photo Mode to the main interface.

2. Added Lost Chapter theme music to the music player.

3. Added Collection Wall. Commandants may view and edit Collection Wall in [Profile-Collection-Collectibles].

4. Added new Nightmare Co-op boss [Nightmare Gabriel] to Trial Zone stages. Commandants may clear stage goals to obtain [Gabriel Badge].

5. Added Amberia and Shark-speare as new bosses to Ultimate Ranking of Phantom Pain Cage.

6. Added War Zone Influence to War Zone mode. Accumulate a certain amount of War Zone Influence to remit a Demotion of War Zone grade. For more details, please refer to in-game info.

7. Added Kuroro Helper to the main interface. Commandants may check out its feature after the update.

8. Optimized Memory Set feature. Added a tab for Exclusive Set, which allows Commandants to save an exclusive Memory set for each character.

9. Optimized Hypertune feature for Memory Resonance. Commandants may now consume Hypertune Crystals directly when Hypertuning.

10. Added Command Bureau Name Change Card. Commander-in-Chief may purchase it to change the name of the Command Bureau.

11. Added an indicator for Auto Play button in partial stories.

2) Weapon & Memory Resonance Optimization

1. Added a new slot for 6★ Weapon Resonance. New slot would not affect existing Resonance skills.

2. Added Choose Skill option for 6★ Weapon Resonance. Commandants may now switch Weapon Resonance skills according to tactical needs. (Some Commandants may experience a change of Resonance Affix after the update. In this case, you may rechoose the Resonance skill, which would not consume any material.)

3. Added 6★ Memory Resonance Material Pick, which can be used to pick a specific Resonance skill when making a Resonance. This item can be purchased in War Shop with War Zone Influence. The first two purchases of each month would be granted a substantial discount.

3) Operation Guardians Optimization

1. Added “External Reinforcement” node in Operation Guardians. Triggering this event would complete a Battle Mission automatically.

2. Optimized Operation Guardians experience. Passing the Starting Point would grant an extra Action Point. (Does not trigger when the game mode refreshes weekly.)

3. Optimized Battle Missions in Operation Guardians. Battle Mission nodes may now refresh to avoid repeated battle experience after a previous clear.

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