Memories, or Memory Chips, are a type of equipment used by Omniframes and Uniframes. Memories are used to store the minds of deceased historical figures as data. When equipped, they provide various stats and effects that improve a Omniframe's performance on the battlefield.


  • Each Memory slots into a Grid, and most Memories have six possible Grid Numbers (1 - 6)
  • Slots 1/2/3 (the top row) uses a Memory's HP/CRIT stats
  • Slot 4/5/6 (the bottom row) uses a Memory's ATK/DEF stats
  • Each Memory has its own stat values and therefore Memories with high HP will benefit your characters more on Grid Slots 1/2/3, and Memories with high ATK will benefit your character more on Grid Slots 4/5/6
  • It is generally more advised to prioritise ATK
  • Only Physical attacks can take advantage of CRIT; Elemental attacks never inflict critical hits
  • Most Memories have a 2-Piece Set ability and a 4-Piece Set ability, though Uniframe Memories also have a 6-Piece Set ability; to activate them, equip the required amount of a named Memory on one character (ie. equip two of any Grid Slot Darwin to activate its 2-Piece Set ability)
  • For Omniframes, it is generally advised to use a 2-Set and a 4-Set of Memories, although some use three 2-Sets
  • For Uniframes, all of them use six of the same Memory
  • Like Weapons, Memories can be enhanced and Overclocked to increase their stats (Set bonuses remain unchanged)


Equipping Memories on a Omniframe utilizes a 6-slot Grid. Every Memory has six numbered versions of itself that can only be equipped in their corresponding slot on the Grid. The top row of the Grid (Slots 01-03) is reserved for Memories that provide health (HP) and critical hit (CRIT), while the Memories equipped on the bottom row (Slots 04-06) grant attack power (ATK) and defense (DEF). If a grid has multiple Memories of the same type, the Omniframe is also given set bonuses: Every Memory type has two bonus effects which can be activated by equipping two and four of the same Memory, respectively.

Similarly to Weapons, Memories can be enhanced, Overclocked and Resonated. Enhancing a Memory only increases its stats while set bonus values remain unchanged.

Memories used by Omniframes can't be equipped by Uniframes and vice versa.

Memory Placement

Memories each have their own HP, CRIT, ATK, and DEF stats. A memory's HP and CRIT are always on slot 1/2/3, while ATK and DEF stats are on slot 4/5/6. See Omniframe Memories to compare each stat. HP and ATK are generally the most important stats, with ATK being more important overall.

Some memories may have extremely high HP but low ATK, and that means they should be placed in the top row (1/2/3). Some may have very high ATK but low HP, and that means they should be placed on the bottom row (4/5/6). Right now in the Global version, the BP gained from placing memories correctly is quite low, but soon enough we will be able to develop memories further, and that's when you'll start to be punished for placing memories in less than ideal slots.

Because the ATK stat is so important offensively, that makes memories in slots 4/5/6 worth prioritising over slots 1/2/3 when it comes to leveling them up.

In general, you'll want to have two of one memory type, and four of another (ie. 4 Frederick, 2 Darwin). In niche cases, you may opt for three sets of two instead.


  • Try to avoid unnecessary enhancement and Overclocking on Memories that are 4★ or lower. Focusing on 5★ and 6★ Memories (which are overall more powerful) allows for more efficient use of upgrade materials and higher power spikes.
  • For Omniframes, almost always aim for a 4-piece set bonus and a 2-piece secondary set bonus in the remaining slots. Uniframe Memories grant powerful six-piece set bonuses: Using the same memory type in all six slots is highly recommended.
  • Some memories are more or less powerful in certain locations on the grid than others. To maximize your combat effectiveness, try to equip Memories with higher ATK/DEF values in the bottom slots of the grid and Memories with higher HP/CRIT in the top slots (for example, Darwin is known to have higher CRIT and lower ATK relative to other 6★ Memories; it is therefore advised to be placed in top slots when possible to maximize stat growth). Good Memory placement can improve a Omniframe's damage per second by approximately 0.5%.