Weapons in PGR vary from a nice character boost to an integral part of a character's kit. While 5★ Weapons can be acquired free from Co-op and are generally fine for many characters, 6★ Weapons are known as Signature Weapons and are built specifically for a certain character (with the exception of Sirius).

Which Signature Weapons to Pull

Depending on your spender status some Signature Weapons are higher-priority pull targets than others.

Do not pull any Signature Weapons, Transcendants, or A-Rank Constructs with BC and focus exclusively on new S-Rank Constructs.
  • Research them with Basic Construct R&D Tickets
  • Unlock them with shards from the respective shops
  • Play Co-op and save your 5★ Weapon Shards for new weapon types not yet released in Global
Low/medium spenders
You can pull additional copies of Signature Weapons via gacha to prepare for the revamped Weapon Resonance system introduced with Fake Ascension.
Monthly Pass A/C
You can afford to pull for high-priority/your favorite Signature Weapons every couple of patches.
High spenders
Pull as many copies as you desire. The more resonace slots you unlock on each Signature Weapon the higher the flexibility of your whole team.