Weapons in PGR vary from a nice character boost to an integral part of a character's kit. While 5★ Weapons can be acquired free from Co-op and are generally fine for many characters, 6★ Weapons are known as Signature Weapons and are built specifically for a certain character (with the exception of Sirius).

Which Signature Weapons to Pull

Depending on your spender status some Signature Weapons are higher-priority pull targets than others.

Do not pull any Signature Weapons, Transcendants, or A-Rank Constructs with Item-BlackCard.pngBC and focus exclusively on new S-Rank Constructs.
  • Research them with Item-BasicConstructRnDTicket.png Basic Construct R&D Tickets
  • Unlock them with shards from the respective shops
  • Play Co-op and save your 5★ Weapon Shards for new weapon types not yet released in Global
Low/medium spenders
You can pull additional copies of Signature Weapons via gacha to prepare for the revamped Weapon Resonance system introduced with Fake Ascension.
Monthly Pass A/C
You can afford to pull for high-priority/your favorite Signature Weapons every couple of patches.
High spenders
Pull as many copies as you desire. The more resonace slots you unlock on each Signature Weapon the higher the flexibility of your whole team.

Introduction to Weapon Resonances

Resonating Weapons is similar to resonating Memories. The major difference is that Weapon Resonances do not require duplicates of exactly the same Weapon.

  • A 6★ Weapon can be resonated with any 6* Weapon of your choice up to three times (three different resonance slots)
  • The same applies to 5★ Weapons

All three resonance slots of 5★ Weapons offer the same bonus and a fully resonated 5★ Weapon has comparable or even slightly higher stats than a 6★ Weapon of the same type. In Global, 6★ Weapons offer three distinct bonuses based on the resonance slot chosen. This will change in Fake Ascension.

Weapon Resonance Rework Introduced in Fake Ascension

Fake Ascension revamps and expands the Weapon Resonance system to be more flexible but it requires more planning from players chasing the upper echelons of scored content like Phantom Pain Cage and War Zone. In the CN version of PGR the investment level of an account is measured by the amount of Weapon Resonances available to each team. A typical competitive team would have five Resonances:

  • Attacker x2
  • Tank x1
  • Support/Amplifier x2

This is just a general guideline and there are exceptions. Personal skill plays an important role in PGR's scored content as well. Individual investment recommendations for Weapon Resonances can be found on each individual character's build page. Characters without Weapon Resonance recommendations are rarely used in scored content but feel free to resonate your favorite Characters' weapons anyway if you enjoy their play style. You can simply copy the resonances from a character of the same Class and Element, as they are usually the same.

Weapon Resonances after the Fake Ascension Update

All Class Weapon resonances available for all Classes except Vanguard (Transcendant).

6★ All Class Weapon Resonances

Shock Saturation
Gain 2s of Invincible time when attacked, CD for 15s.
Weapon's final ATK is increased by 15% at the start of battle. No duration limit.
Matrix Lightning
After EX Dodge (triggering Matrix), Movement Speed is greatly increased and all enemies' Extra DMG Reduction is decreased by 10% in Matrix.
Dead Line Timing
Gain 2 extra random signal orbs when come out, and 3 same signal orbs every 45s (also can gain signal orbs during background operation).
Nsec Transmission
Max dodge increases by 400 (single dodge = 250 Dodge Gauge).
Shock Echo
When damaged, release a shockwave that deals 50% of own attack DMG, pushes the monster away and reduces the monster's movement speed by 35% for 5s, CD for 8s.

6★ Attacker Weapon Resonances

Glorious Afterglow
Final ATK of the weapon increases by 30% for 8s when 3-Ping. Duration resets every time it is triggered.

6★ Tank Weapon Resonances

Polymerization Collapse (Element-Physical-Icon-White.png)
When physical damage is dealt, it will produce Smash effect. Smash: reduces the target's physical type resistance by 8% for 8s. Repeat trigger to refresh duration.
Thunder Shake (Element-Lightning-Icon-White.png)
When thunder damage is dealt, it will produce Lightning effect. Lightning: reduces the target's thunder type resistance by 8% for 8s. Repeat trigger to refresh duration.
Tenebrion Shock (Element-Dark-Icon-White.png)
When dark damage is dealt, it will produce Dark Wave effect. Dark Wave: reduces the target's dark type resistance by 8% for 8s. Repeat trigger to refresh duration.
Bose Hyperflow (Element-Ice-Icon-White.png)
When ice damage is dealt, it will produce Chilly effect. Chilly: reduces the target's ice type resistance by 8% for 8s. Repeat trigger to refresh duration.
Diode Torch (Element-Fire-Icon-White.png)
When fire damage is dealt, it will produce Embers effect. Embers: reduces the target's fire type resistance by 8% for 8s. Repeat trigger to refresh duration.
Resonant Echo
The effect duration caused by Tank class skill increases to 8s.
Absolute Defense
Being Invincible for 2s when come out.
Gravity Barrier
Gain a shield of 20% of own max HP when come out.
Boudary's Annihilation
On QTE, shields targets in play for 10% of the unleasher's max HP for 5s.

6★ Support/Amplifier Weapon Resonances

Glorious Spear
When using the healing skill or effect, increases the full ATK of the healed target by 10% for 8s, CD for 10s.
Superconducting Axial Ray
Increases full ATK of all characters of the team by 8%, which will be the only effect.
Honed Gel
Increases the healing amount of the next healing effect by 50%, and CD for 8s.
Stellar Magnetic Rail
On QTE, restores 400 dodge of all targets in play (single dodge = 250 Dodge Gauge).
Peaceful Radiant
When using the healing skill or effect, increases the healing effect by 30% for 5s, CD for 8s.

6★ Vanguard (Transcendant) Weapon Resonances

Matrix Outburst
All DMG increased by 15% in Matrix.
Overload Signal
An Entrance Skill grants 1 additional Signal Orb. Extra DMG Bonus of Signal Orb Skills increases by 10% for 8s.
Limit Break
All ATK increases by 10%.

5★ Weapon Resonances

Precision Attack I
ATK +30, CRIT +30
Precision Attack II
ATK +30, CRIT +30
Precision Attack III
ATK +30, CRIT +30