Imprisoned Sight

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Global Patch Notes

Imprisoned Sight Overview




Official Patch Notes


September 16th 2022, 02:00 - 09:00 am (UTC)




1. New Characters

1) Chrome: Glory

Info: S-Rank, Ice & Physical, Tank

  • 100% rate up in [Themed Construct Research] and [Fate Themed Construct Research] during 9/17/22, 08:00 - 10/17/22, 07:59 (UTC)

2. New 6★ Weapons

1) Apollo (6★, Chrome: Glory Exclusive)

Weapon Skill: Ice DMG increases by 15%, QTE and any 3-Ping skill can trigger Frost Corrosion.

  • 80% rate up in [Target Weapon Research] since 9/17/22, 08:00 (UTC).

3. New CUBs

1) Toniris (S-Rank)

CUB features: Agile CUB capable of charging at enemies and gathering them toward the charging path.

2) Noctua (A-Rank)

CUB features: Protective CUB capable of granting Super Armor and shield to character in control while damaging enemies nearby.

4. New & Rerun Character Coatings

1) Honor Model (Chrome: Glory Exclusive)

Duration: 9/17/22, 08:00 - 10/17/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 168 RC (30% off)
  • The coating Honor Model will enter the regular Coating Shop (Coating: Rainbow Card) in the future.

2) Silver White (Karenina: Ember Exclusive)

Duration: 10/1/22, 08:00 - 10/17/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 68 RC (30% off)
  • The coating Silver White will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.

3) Ink-lit Hermit (Bianca: Veritas Exclusive)

Duration: 10/1/22, 08:00 - 10/17/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 168 RC (30% off)
  • The coating Ink-lit Hermit will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.

5. New Weapon Coating

1) Lion Glory (Gunblade coating)

Duration: 9/17/22, 08:00 - 10/17/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)
  • The weapon coating Lion Glory will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.

2) Palm Snow (Cannon coating)

Duration: 9/17/22, 08:00 - 10/17/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)
  • The weapon coating Palm Snow will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.


1. Chapter 14: Imprisoned Sight

Event Duration: Normal: 9/16/22 (after maintenance) – 10/17/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Event Duration: Hidden: 9/23/22, 07:00 – 10/17/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Following the battle with Polyphage in the underground city, you returned to Babylonia to find yourself constantly falling into flashback and trance—a sequela from the last mission. However, instead of a proper remedy, what you receive is a custody in the name of “confined treatment”. Someone has leaked the news of you connecting to Luna on the ground, resulting in a suspicion of you harboring the missing Ascendant, as well as an unsaid panic of you potentially going rogue as the second Ravenge.
  • To prove your innocence, Chrome of the Strike Hawk took over a mission from the grounded Gray Ravens and set foot on the Longinus blast zone to investigate a surge of Punishing Virus, hoping to find the whereabouts of the missing Ascendant. Would he find what he wants, or would he fall in the face of the enemies lurking in the darkness?
  • In the Hidden chapter, Alpha also returns to the underground city in search of her sister. Determined as she is, she never expected to see all the old and new faces on her way, let alone to form a temporary alliance with her “enemies...”

2. Interlude: The Chess Player

Duration: 9/16/22 (after maintenance) – 10/17/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Langston Smith is the name that Chrome had always been trying to live up to under the guidance of his foster father, John. The old man had paved every bit of the road ahead for his son. But as Chrome’s inner struggle intensifies about the relationship between human and Constructs, a new answer has surfaced: he has to surpass “Smith” to win the future he wants.
  • After the event, Commandants will have to obtain Construct Chrome: Glory to access the interlude.


1. Resonance Observation

Duration: 9/16/22 (after maintenance) – 10/17/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Resonance Observation has 5 sessions, each session has a different opening time and comes with 2 stages that drop [Frequency Response Map] and Memories. Commandants may clear the stages repeatedly to obtain stage EXP that can upgrade the Authority Level (Authority Level: grants stats bonuses that only apply to Resonance Observation stages).

2. Spectrum Analysis Center

Duration: 9/16/22 (after maintenance) – 10/17/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Use event token [Frequency Response Map] to redeem rewards in the Spectrum Analysis Center.
  • Other materials include: Construct Gifts, basic training and enhancing materials, CUB training materials.

3. Trailblazer Beacon

Duration: 9/17/22, 08:00 - 10/17/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Trailblazer Beacon consist of a series of trial stages for you to understand the core mechanics and maneuvers of Chrome: Glory. Also, four challenge stages will also be available for you to test your understanding of the new frame for Chrome. Clearing the challenge stages will reward you with basic training and enhancing materials, as well as a limited collectible [Operation Manual].

4. Eden Festival

Duration: 9/17/22, 07:00 – 10/17/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥52
  • In this annual celebration on Babylonia, every commandant has the right to vote and support their favorite Constructs, Transcendants and even Ascendants!
  • During the four stages of the festival, commandants may obtain stamps that can be used to vote for characters by participating in the festival preparation. Use the stamps to vote and increase the Cheer Points for the characters. The number of Cheer Points would determines whether they can make it through the next stage of the festival. Successful voting will reward you with Joy, which can be used to draw for various rewards including Coating Blueprints, Event Construct R&D Tickets, limited decors, weapon coating Light Silk and Coating Pick Supply Pack!
  • Finishing event tasks will also reward you with limited nameplates corresponding to the characters you vote for.

5. Norman Revival Plan

Duration: 9/28/22, 07:00 – 10/12/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥60
  • Norman Revival Plan is a challenging game mode. Each session consists of three phases and lasts 14 days. You will enter the Combat Phase when any stage is cleared during the first 4 days (or automatically after the first 4 days).
  • Multiple teams will be deployed simultaneously. Proceed to clear various stages to earn Autonomous Miners and Tantalum Ores. Upon daily refresh, Autonomous Miners produce Tantalum Ores and increase the current amount by 50%.
  • You can exchange the Tantalum Ores for rewards including [Booster Structural Part] in the shop. Finishing missions for each session will also reward you with 6★ Weapon Resonance Shards, Black Cards, Hypertune Crystals, CUB training materials and more!

6. Mycenaean Protocol - Blind Simulation

Duration: 9/30/22, 07:00 - 10/17/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Mycenaean Protocol is a unique game mode that allows you to modify your characters. In this mode, Commandants may use certain Constructs to challenge various stages, as well as to cultivate characters and enhance their abilities within the game mode by promoting, modifying skills or even obtaining special traits! Various skill modification synergies may significantly alter characters’ function in teams!
  • A supply of Team Merit will be delivered daily. Accumulate Team Merit to upgrade the teams and obtain modification points.
  • Fight your way through the challenges to obtain 6★ Memory Shards, essential cultivation materials and more!


1. System Optimization & Fixes

1. Added “Lock” feature for Dorm decors.
2. Added sound effects for characters as they get knocked down and get up.
3. Added “Get Materials” quick access button at the Evolve page of CUB feature.
4. Added CUB preview feature in Battle Preparations interface. Optimized CUB skill activation button in battle.
5. Standardized buff/debuff skill description. When multiple effects of the same name exist simultaneously (e.g. Frost Corrosion from Chrome: Glory and Changyu: Qilin), only the one with higher stats would take effect; as the duration of the stronger effect expires, the one with lower stats will take effect, provided it has not expired.

2. Character Optimization

1. Optimized Signal Orb addition logic of Lucia: Crimson Abyss. Orbs obtained when Core Passive is active will be added to the gauge when the Core Passive state is over.
2. Optimized SSS passive of Sophia: Silverfang. The effect is changed from “Healing the same character 3 times in 5 seconds by picking up Energy Balls will increase their Fire DMG by 10% for 5 seconds.” to “When picking up an energy ball, Sophia: Silverfang’s Fire Tempered effect increases by 10% for 5s.”

3. Guide System Optimization

1. Added “Cross-check” node in Operation Guardian. When both instructor and student have stepped on the Cross-check node, both sides would be rewarded 30 Serum via in-game mail.
2. Added tips on when and what Guide system features will be closed as commandant Lv. Increases in [The Road to Graduation].
3. Optimized progress indicator in Guide Mission.
4. Optimized students’ graduation conditions in Collaborative Supply. Students that reach Lv. 83 may now automatically graduate. After the update, all commandants of Lv. 83 and above will be designated Military Instructors, and the graduation button will be canceled.
5. Optimized notice description of “End Collaboration” button.
6. Optimized mission description of Qualification Assessment. Changed mission name from “Advanced Phantom Pain Cage” to “Advanced Phantom Pain Cage Experience”. Changed corresponding mission goal description to “1,000,000 Progress in total”.

4. Norman Revival Plan Optimization

1. Added optional difficulty for the game mode. After the update, commandants below Lv. 85 will enter “Up-to-standard Battle” by default, commandants of Lv. 85 and above may choose from “Regular Battle” and “Pioneer Battle”. Each difficulty has different total rewards, stage line-up, and electricity distribution, please choose wisely.
2. Added “Extension” feature. After entering Combat Phase for 48 hours, you may use “Extension” feature to delay the calculation for 24 hours (does not produce Ores, nor does it multiply Miners or generate power). The next calculation will accumulate the delayed resources according to the times of Extension. Extension can be used for multiple times, but is not available when Combat Phase is at the last 24 hours.
3. Added preview button for electricity production, which is available in [Power Generating] interface.
4. Added new affixes and optimized partial stages.
5. Optimized “Quick Play” button. After the update, you may quickly arrange team lineups according to advantaged damage types with one tap of the button.
6. Optimized team configuration feature. You may now use team presets when configuring team lineups.
7. Optimized “Adjust Team” feature. You may now choose team leader and team starter in the interface.
8. Changed Affix “Recovery” to “Dynamic Calibration”. Added the following effect to the original "Recovery" effect: within 2 seconds after taking damage, the recovery effect will be reduced to 40%.
9. Adjusted activation condition of Perfect Tactics from “All members reach [number] Battle Power” to “The mean Battle Power of the members on the battlefield reaches [number]”.
10. Adjusted the display effects of partial interfaces.
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