Kowloong Metropolis

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Global Patch Notes


December 22 2021, 02:00 - 09:00 am (UTC)




1. New Constructs

1) Lucia: Plume

Info: S-Rank, Attacker

  • 100% rate up in [Themed Limited Research] and [Hypnos Themed Limited Research] during 12/23/21, 8:00 - 01/20/22, 07:59 (UTC).

2. New Weapons

1) Crimson Birch (6★, Lucia: Plume Exclusive)

Weapon Skill: Ice DMG increased by 15%. After a 3-Ping, all DMG is increased by 10% for 5s.

  • Available in [Basic Weapon Research] (after maintenance on 12/22) and [Target Weapon Research] (on 12/23, 08:00 (UTC)).
2) Star Of Bethlehem (5★, Kamui: Bastion / Kamui: Tenebrion Exclusive)

Weapon Skill: 3-Ping skills create a Christmas aura that increases the Movement Speed and ATK by 8% for 15s. 30s cooldown.

  • Available in the event shop: Kowloong Market.

3. New Memories

1) Chen Jiyuan (6★)

2-Piece Effect: ATK increases by 3% and Ice DMG increases by 7%.

4-Piece Effect: 30% chance to cause Frost for 5s while attacking. When attacking targets with Frost, there is a 20% chance to trigger Ice Explosion to deal 420% Ice DMG within 3m from the target and apply Frost. This effect has an 8s cooldown. Frost: Reduces target's Movement Speed by 20% and Ice Resistance by 8%.

2) Liv: Reindeer (5★)

2-Piece Effect: Signal Orb skill's Extra DMG Bonus and healing effect increase by 5%.

4-Piece Effect: Attacks have a 20% chance to drop Christmas gifts next to the enemy. Picking up a gift restores 5 Energy and increases Extra DMG Bonus by 5% for 5s. 10s cooldown.

  • The above Memories are also available in the event shop: Kowloong Market.

4. New Coatings

Construct Coatings
1) Eventide Glow (Lucia: Plume's Special Effect Coating)
  • Price: 168 RC (30% off, contains Coating and Portrait)
  • Discount Period: 12/23/21, 08:00 - 1/25/22, 07:59 (UTC).
  • The Construct Coating Eventide Glow will enter the regular Coating Shop after the discount period.
2) Jolly Santanami (Nanami: Pulse)
  • Price: 126 RC (30% off)
  • Discount Period: 12/23/21, 08:00 - 1/7/22, 07:59 (UTC).
  • The Construct Coating Jolly Santanami will not enter the regular Coating Shop after the discount period.
Weapon Coatings
1) Benizakura (Katana applicable)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)
  • Discount Period: 12/23/21, 08:00 - 1/25/22, 07:59 (UTC).
2) Danza Macabra (Greatsword applicable)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)
  • Discount Period: 12/23/21, 08:00 - 1/25/22, 07:59 (UTC).
3) Hymn of Stars (Saw applicable)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)
  • Discount Period: 12/23, 08:00 - 1/7, 07:59 (UTC).
  • The above Weapon Coatings will not enter the regular Coating Shop after the discount period.
4) Iris (Bow applicable)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)
  • Discount Period: 12/23, 08:00 - 1/25, 07:59 (UTC).
  • The Weapon Coating Iris is also available in the regular Coating Shop with the original price(RC/Weapon Coating Blueprint) after the maintenance on 12/22/21.


1. New Main Story: Kowloong Metropolis

  • Duration: After maintenance on 12/22/21 - 1/25/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • New Chapter: Kowloong Metropolis is available to all Commandants during the event. Commandants can try out new Construct Lucia: Plume in certain stages.
  • It will remain as a Main Story Chapter after the event, which needs Commandants to complete the prerequisites to access the content. (Clear the stage: Nona Ouroboros Hidden 11-5)

2. New Interlude: Lucia: Plume

  • Duration: After maintenance on 12/22/21 - 1/25/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • New Interlude for Lucia: Plume is available to all Commandants during the event.
  • After the event, Commandants will have to obtain Construct Lucia: Plume to access the content.

III. NEW Events

1. Log-in Events

Duration: 12/22, 07:00 - 1/12, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

  • The Log-in reward contains 5★ Memory Lucia - Summer Daze (Grid 03/06), Serum Bundle, Basic R&D Tickets and Enhance Materials.

Duration: 12/23, 07:00 - 1/7, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

  • The Log-in reward contains 5★ Memory Liv: Reindeer, Liv: Eclipse's Coating: Christmas Promise, Serum Bundle, Event R&D Tickets and Enhance Materials.

2. Challenge Stages: Firmus

  • Duration: After maintenance on 12/22 - 1/25, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

  • Commandants will obtain Black Card, Dragon Jade, Crystal Note and Memory from the stages in different chapters. The chapter will unlock one by one on a certain day.

3. Event Shop

  • Duration: After maintenance on 12/22/21 - 1/26/22, 01:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

[Kowloong Task]

  • Collecting Dragon Jade to unlock the milestone rewards. Commandant can obtain Dragon Jade through the event stages (Firmus, Confrontation).

[Kowloong Market]

[Component Market]

  • Consume token Titanium to get Overclocking Resonance materials. Commandants can obtain Titanium by completing corresponding event missions.

4. Night on Christmas

  • Duration: 12/23/21, 07:00 - 12/30/21, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

  • Complete event missions to get rewards!

5. Phalanx

  • Duration: 12/24/21, 07:00 - 1/24/22, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

[Buff Stage]

  • Clear the Buff stage to obtain the corresponding Buff Affix effect. There will be 2 stages for each Buff Affix in every round. (8 Buff Affixes in total, the effect works in this event stages only)

[Boss Stage]

  • There will be 1 Boss stage in every round. Commandants need to clear the Buff stage at least 2 times to unlock the Boss stage.
  • All Phalanx stages do not consume Serum. Commandants can cooperate with other Commandants and share the Constructs together in the stages.

The stages will be reset at 7 am (UTC) on:

  • 12/28/21
  • 12/31/21
  • 1/3/22
  • 1/6/22
  • 1/9/22
  • 1/12/22
  • 1/15/22
  • 1/18/22
  • 1/21/22

6. Co-op: Duel! Osiris

  • Duration: 12/27, 07:00 - 1/24, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.50+

  • Commandants can fight against Boss Osiris in Co-op. Clear Overclock difficulty to get corresponding collectibles.

7. New Mode: Joint Warfare

  • Duration: After maintenance on 12/22, 07:00 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.62+

  • Commandants need to consume Construct Stamina (1 Construct = 1 Stamina) instead of Serum for stage 1st clearance. Cleared stages retry will not consume Construct Stamina.
  • Stages 1st clearance will bring Overclocking Resonance materials. No rewards for a repeated challenge. Assist will be counted for bonus mission.
  • The result tallying will happen at 7am (UTC) on every Wednesday; the 2nd front will begin at 7am (UTC) on every Saturday.



1. Added Bianca: Veritas to the 70% rate-up event.

2. Added Chapter 10/11/12 to the Stronghold.

3. Added the Weapon Coating system.

4. Added Weapon Coating shop to the daily shop.

5. Added new voice and responses to all Constructs after issuing the gifts.

6. Added "Collectibles" to the "Collection" system. (Collectible: Area Controller needs to be re-achieved).

7. Added CD-Player system.

8. Added Commandant Level mission. Reach corresponding Commandant Level to unlock rewards.

9. Added "Template" function to the Dorm.

10. Added the 2nd HQ to the Dorm.

11. Added "Motorcycle Racing" stage in the "Trial Zone".

12. Added "Quick Deploy" function to the "Battle Preparation" in the Stronghold.


1. Optimized Arrival/Hypnos Arrival Limited Research.

  • a. Increased 70% rate-up S-Rank Construct number to 2 for every rate-up event.
  • b. The previous rate-up event(Lee: Entropy) guarantee will be inherited when the first optimized rate-up event begins.
  • c. For the latest Calibration System(a new rule, takes effect after the first optimized rate-up event begins), Guarantee and Inherit rules, please pay attention to the in-game formal setting.

2. Optimized Monthly Pass claiming rules. The Monthly Pass daily rewards will be claimed automatically when Commandant signs in.

3. Optimized the display of Weapon Enhancer and Memory Enhancer.

4. Increased the stage max multi-challenge attempts to 8.

5. Optimized the Resources stages. Commandants do not need to select and transform for a new wave under multi-challenge mode.

6. Optimized Lee: Entropy's skill Space Lord. If there's a locked target, the skill will release toward the location that the target is in.

7. Optimized the special effect for the Coating Spectral Parade.

8. Optimized World Chatting channels to 5 channels.

9. Optimized Inver-Shard refresh rule in Supply Shop. If the Construct has not been added to the Research, the Inver-Shard will not be available in the Supply Shop.


1. Fixed Kuriko Eternal collection issue in Codex system. Commandant who has obtained but consumed the Memory Kuriko Eternal before, it will be viewed as owned automatically in Codex system.

2. Fixed the attack button missing issue in the Main Story 11-2.

3. Fixed the issue that the surrounding monsters did not stop when Chrome: Arclight triggers the Signature skill.

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